1. i haven’t seen a team shithouse their way out of the group like that

  2. It's scary the amount of people that think it was not a penalty. He was late to the ball and hits the player: always a foul, no matter who does it or where in the field it happens.

  3. The call was probably right but the rules are shite

  4. Poland can't even park the bus properly. If Argentina can get more precise with their passing/shooting they'll win comfortably. Just a matter of time at this rate

  5. Mamy wielu autorów wspaniałych książek podróżniczych. Mogę polecić Tonego Halika i Wojtka Cejrowskiego. Pozdrawiam

  6. If you tell someone to watch 1000 hours of YouTube in their target language, they're going to have a decent grasp on it by the end, even without ever touching a textbook or picking up a flash card.

  7. According to my math the guy who’s making the RL cheats earns almost $400’000 a month. And that’s just the returning clients month to month

  8. 100% bullshit, it makes no sense

  9. Persona 5 Royal - I wanted to play this for a while and finally got to do that after Switch release. I actually have played P5:Strikers and it almost clouded my judgement on this game, because I expected more of the same (with different gameplay of course) and Strikers was an alright 7-8/10 game for me, but nothing particularly special.

  10. Yeah, this channel is super good and moderately/highly technical, depending on the topic. He's stated that he doesn't intend for it to be for general audiences and doesn't intend on changing that. He made a few music theory basics videos though.

  11. I like his channel, but can't help but think the music gets occasionally over-analysed a bit. Someone without a music background might think that composing music comes down to a series of mathematical formulas and interval calculations, where in reality the composer probably doesn't even think about 95% of this stuff.

  12. I just ate a hamburger for lunch. Do you think it will rain tomorrow?

  13. Does the money go directly from Psyonix to players? Or to orgs first? This could be an org issue

  14. Checked the rulebook, it goes straight to the players

  15. Thanks, good to have that clarified

  16. half of the time you spend on the ground was after diving

  17. Zieliński was standing really menacingly there

  18. Argentina lost to this?!?!??

  19. You acting like the score is fair

  20. Worst officiating performance this WC, Canada robbed

  21. That’s a breve or a double whole note - it’s a note that’s held out twice as long as a regular whole note!

  22. All drama aside, this WC was touted as the most technologically advanced in history and a new standard for match broadcasting.

  23. I think it was a bit insensitive how Piers Morgan was asking questions and trying to dig deeper about the loss of his child - typical journalist

  24. you know he didn't bring it up out of nowhere, all the questions were 100% agreed on beforehand

  25. Honestly, XB3's world design left me disapointed. Even more so after XB2 and BOTW. And also XB1 was no sloucher.

  26. whilst I agree about XC3, it is still night and day difference compared to what Pokemon has to offer, which I think was the main point of the original comment.

  27. trzeba Ci jak dziecku tłumaczyć koncept długu publicznego?

  28. ty chyba sam go nie rozumiesz?

  29. Spokojnie w każdy kto się rodzi w tym kraju jest zadłużony, matka dala mu 30 tysięcy dodatkowego długu taka szkoła przetrwania zanim wyleci z gniazda

  30. Przeraża mnie fakt, że takie kretyńskie komentarze dostają tyle upvotów

  31. Four of the five EU teams going to LAN have not made it out of Swiss in one of the regionals lol

  32. A university is tied to a city though. When it comes to it, american cities tend to have higher populations and so they are more outspoken about their teams

  33. If Harvard has a collegiate basketball team (no clue if that exists, EU boy here), they players on the team are repping Harvard, they are not repping Cambridge.

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