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  1. BF really wants me to put another hour into bf2042? I have 10h played of that garbage

  2. So funny how you guys fan boi EA so much cant tell it's a joke xd

  3. and still no hot fixes for the garbage audio

  4. How do you expect them to hot fix it?

  5. Why is Cristiano Ronaldo is "trash"?

  6. Good human beings dont destroy other peoples property, no matter what they done to you... just ridiculus i have to explain this.

  7. You can't judge one on only one action. The action is trash, yeah. Thus, you need to elaborate why CR7 trash, not just by taking example (it's possible).

  8. Like u never seen him act like a cry baby before xD

  9. Fc2 multiplayer in your own maps with ur friends was fun af, miss those days

  10. Baiting for comments I guess.. I refuse to believe people really are that stupid xd

  11. go protest, get drafted, leak military positions,defect and stop the war. win-win :D

  12. Or before they were forced to listen at their money hungry publishers..

  13. Ive seen several memes about this but havent seen the leak yet ffs

  14. Why is it so bad if men spread legs when sitting, and the womens chair forces to spread legs, must be nice if you are wearing a skirt

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