1. The general read on him I have heard is that he had better numbers than Urruti last season while playing less time because he was being shopped around, so at the very least it should be depth at the striker position during a season where we will have 4 tournaments in addition to regular season play.

  2. Are you referring to the potential Gyasi Zardes (who was benched by Columbus then traded to Colorado) signing? Ocampo-Chavez played NEXT Pro in Tacoma, WA last season.

  3. Yep, 100% correct. I was wrong. Thanks for calling it out.

  4. Np! The fact that all three of Urruti, Zardes and Ocampo-Chavez scored 9 goals each last season doesn't make it any easier

  5. That story with Djitte is truly tragically beautiful.

  6. The bit at the start that showed a lengthy list of MLS pundits picking the team to finish 10th or worse in the West in the preseason is odd? In the recap video of the game when they clinched the club's first playoff spot?

  7. Not to pee on your meme… but… The MLB awarded both league MVPs to players on teams that didn’t make the playoffs… the MLB tries to give it to the best player, regardless of team… Mike trout has as many MVP trophies as playoff games… think about that, he’s been the best player in the league 3 times yet only made the playoffs once and got swept…

  8. It wasn't an anomaly in the NBA this year either, a player from the 10th best team in the league also won MVP six seasons ago... Even Jokic's first MVP two seasons ago they were 5th.

  9. I'll keep saying it until it stops being true. Redes gets all the hate. He's ineffective but he's not a liability like Cascante.

  10. Why not both? Isn't Redes like -19 during his time on the pitch for Austin?

  11. He absolutely has, but while I love Diego he's not on the same level. Driussi elevates everyone around him, it's been pretty amazing to watch the evolution.

  12. You can tell who hasn't actually watched Austin games (outside of those against their own team), and is just popping off when they make an argument that Diego is in the same realm as Driussi.

  13. You're right, but this is an ESPN double header whereas I think most of our other natty games were standalone, so I think they'll keep pregame to 5-15 minutes instead of the normal FS1 25 minutes so they can start the SEA/POR match by 915 ish and have that done in time for their midnight SportsCenter.

  14. Unsurprising. I met Alex Jones in line for the bar at a comedy show in Austin around 2014-15. Within 60 seconds of engaging with him, he showed me a nude picture of the woman he was with (not his ex-wife) who was standing ~25 feet away near their seats.

  15. Technically, looking at you lafc, austin can still spend big and sign a defender. Atx just needs to ask lafc how they did It. Transfer window is open for another two weeks.

  16. Window actually closes August 4th, fingers crossed Claudio has a fullback signing on deck.

  17. Precourt bring back Dest from Barcelona. Do it.

  18. I'll never forgive him for that ultimate tease... until they announce Dest

  19. Unfortunately I’ve been at our games where our fans did this too. It sucks, and it’s embarrassing. As much fun as it is to talk trash we all have elements of our fan base that behave badly.

  20. Which game was that? Hadn't seen that at Q2 yet

  21. Last season, believe the San Jose game. There was lots of chippy play and fans near the listos section started throwing things at opposing players. Wish it hadn’t happened but if certainty did and was more than just a handful doing so.

  22. Makes sense, one of the three home games that I've had to miss. Bummer to hear that, glad it hasn't occurred again... hopefully it stays that way.

  23. FYI this brings our roster size to 16. I wonder if a trade is imminent? Or maybe we’re about to rescind Weiskamp’s QO or otherwise make some kind of cut?

  24. There's still a trade to make. Expect the team to take on some expiring contracts for draft capital (likely nothing special) to reach the salary floor.

  25. True, but based on all of the other rumors we’ve heard the past couple weeks, it seems like Cecilio is already on his way out. I’m not even sure what roster spots we have left for Corozo, so my guess was the two announcements would be made around the same time

  26. I believe we had one senior roster spot open prior to this signing

  27. The most likely scenario seems to be packing his things in preparation for a transfer.

  28. I don't know If the club would allot 500 tickets to away fans. Not saying you're wrong, but Dallas had ~225 I believe and that was the largest away crowd we've had. Not surprised if there's more than 500 total in the stadium but 500 in that half section they give to visiting SGs? Seems high.

  29. 225? It looked like so much more! I saw tons of red that stood out in the endless wave of verde!

  30. 225 in the away section per the FC Dallas SG on their Twitter. Certainly more throughout Q2

  31. The chickens listened to TopFlight this week huh?

  32. No CBA in any sport includes language that guarantees playing time as per a designation. Picking a lineup and subs is nothing but subjective. So,as I said in my op… Cecilio has two options: collect salary and sit out the contract without playing, or transfer (very likely free) to a new club so he gets playing time.

  33. Of course no CBA guarantees playing time haha that would be insane.

  34. Not playing is not disciplinary punishment. They aren't fining him, forcing him to therapy, etc. Not getting playing time while getting a full salary isn't going to violate the CBA.

  35. I'm not disagreeing with you. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't file a grievance of some sort if he isn't transferred and bring this distraction back to the forefront. Like OP said, good players like him know that you need playing time or else your career is over. If they can't move him, would you be that surprised if he wanted minutes so bad that he did so?

  36. Just wait until Houston brings their entire fanbase on July 12.

  37. Sochan plays for the Polish national team (and I've been to Guymon, OK. Wild that a Spurs player came out of there)

  38. Is it just me or did Djitte gain like 30 lbs?

  39. He lost a bunch of weight during Ramadan, back to his normal playing weight now it seems.

  40. This was in the row in front of me, but I didn’t see exactly what happened. She was wearing a Grenada shirt, and either she slapped a dude near her or he slapped her. As she was being escorted out she was screaming “fuck the USA” and such, so I imagine the incident with the dude in front of her stemmed from a similar theme.

  41. So a couple of questions, how well attended are these games and also does Austin play their usual starting XI faces ? Or is this more of a showcase the rest of your bench type match? I’m considering going, but just was wondering how much fun they are compared to the usual games.

  42. In the preseason matchup against Atlas it was the second string that started the match, although at the time it was widely expected among fans and media that Jhojan Valencia would be starting over Dani Pereira ("For now, Dani Pereira is playing the Valencia role extremely well. So well that I'm still not sure Valencia will make a significant difference..." was written by Chris Bils in his match recap)

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