1. After i stopped taking clonidine i felt weird for few days sometimes fear then anxiety and sadness lasted few days i took gabapentine and smoked weed at night to feel normal

  2. Sounds about where I’m at! I get anxious for weed and already take Zoloft for anxiety so hopefully just gonna ride this out!

  3. It will pass and in few days you’ll return normal, just be busy don’t overthink and become too aware of your feelings, act that you don’t know that stopping clonidine causes withdrawals and you wouldn’t feel it until it’s over, if you let your mind overthink and put worries into mind it becomes worse, always remember everything pass.

  4. Also which albums from Three 6, Project Pat and 8ball/mjg do you consider “essential”

  5. I have had this too, lasted for like 4 days after drinking.

  6. Yes, I am also faced the same about sleep even at week 8th still facing on 75 mg, you need to up your dose now to 75 mg. You will face some side effects but will be fine after a week

  7. How were your side effects going from 50 to 75 versus 0 to 50?

  8. Hey there, the first couple of days i was REALLY anxious and jittery every morning. I’m now on day 14 and barely feel anxiety in the mornings anymore! You got this :)

  9. Yeah after the first 3 days I stopped feeling anxious. I feel like the first couple days were the hardest, but I'm really happy I stayed with it. I'm able to move on from things so much quicker and able to take a breath and handle what I need to. Still far from perfect, but I'm feeling positive!

  10. Thats good to hear! Just gotta thug it out these first few days I guess

  11. About the same as the Getaway maybe a little below, not nearly as good as UL

  12. That bit about the chili peppers home town had me cracking up.

  13. He's a weird guy but he does seem to be aging into an extra bitter weird version of himself

  14. My prediction is RHCP=Friday, Hip Hop Artist=Saturday, Foo Fighters=Sunday. Unless they get someone massive for Sunday, I can’t see anyone being bigger than the Foos.

  15. Feel like frusciante coming back with the chilis is bigger than the foos

  16. Which color? I only saw white XLs at the store. I’d want a small or medium probably

  17. I have that red one from your picture, I got it like a year or two back.

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