1. Do you know what the word “underrated” means? Lol

  2. You can tell this a vine just from the cuts lol

  3. Lucky?..bro still got 20 plus years at jus 25yrs old is till crazyyy

  4. He was involved in a triple murder and only got 20 meanwhile there’s dudes getting 45-60 years for 1 body all the time in Chicago

  5. “intentionally escapes from any penal institution or from the custody of an employee of that institution…”

  6. Yeah but that’s because I’ve lived in Virginia and I’ve been to cold ass places like Connecticut and Colorado. Before I moved to Jacksonville my dad was stationed up in Virginia Beach(Navy) and it snowed every winter.

  7. I read that title as opps instead of pops at first lol

  8. seems like it has to be a scheme issue to a certain extent. there's no way they generate zero pressure at all week in and week out

  9. I hope you’re right cause otherwise I don’t know how to fix this. They invested so many draft picks and high paid free agents to this defense and they still suck lol

  10. The real master class is him still having a job

  11. Defense has been very disappointing this year. I don't think you can fix some of these problems in one offseason too so its gonna be rough the next couple years :(

  12. It’s annoying because we continually pump resources into it during the draft and free agency and it’s almost always awful

  13. It always cracks me up when black people praise Hitler, like bruh he hated you too lol

  14. See these drill YouTubers from Europe always be posting known dudes from the drill scene and be like “this is the most dangerous shooter in Chicago” and I always be like man there’s probably some random nigga out west that the fans don’t even know about wrecking havoc lol and sure enough there he go

  15. I thought this was common knowledge. Durk let him use his platform and tapped him in with his main camera man Jerry for vids, and Durk’s the main reason Crazy Story got put on Worldstar.

  16. Also fun fact that most people don’t realize “EWOL” is the name of his set, not his first name. If you search EWOL on who he follows on IG you’ll see all the other EWOL Hoolie gang members. What y’all call Samo would be like if everyone just called FBG Duck “FBG” all the time as if that was his first name lol

  17. Damn I ain’t know that shit 😂😂😂 when Rico says he gon have ewol on yo ass I thought he was talking about him

  18. I think him and Samo know that 99% of the fans don’t realize that so they just go along with it, since that’s what they know him as

  19. Uhh...what?? Most mid 90s babies can't remember y2k. Scientifically, reliable memory doesn't begin until age 7...

  20. Exactly I was born in 94, and I can’t tell you the first the about the year 2000 lol

  21. He was outside when the opps slid, it’s really just that simple. Not every murder has some deeper meaning behind it.

  22. That you think about these niggas too much

  23. What get me is he said these niggas have whole conversations on the phone. I can’t wrap my head around politicking on the phone with a dude that would kill me on sight if he had the chance lol

  24. He probably tired of getting trolled by random white boys from Nebraska on fake pages

  25. Buddy rap sheet longer than a cvs receipt

  26. Well first and foremost he planned to go the whole insanity route. Once that fell through I think in his deluded mind he figured that he could win with the whole sovereign citizen thing, and if that didn’t work he planned to create enough chaos so that he could force either the prosecution or judge to make an error in order to later get an appeal. He obviously failed in all three phases.

  27. Look up “Jake Jhit”, he built like Shoebox Baby

  28. You know it's Florida when you see an old shirtless white man filling up a gas canister

  29. I’m from Jacksonville and on the north and west side there’s basically only hood niggas and red necks. No in between.

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