1. Holy shit. Biden just forced Republicans to protect Social Security and Medicare.

  2. The real 4D chess player has arrived. We went from the least experienced president in history to the most. Biden knows what the fuck he's doing, and the last 2 years are proof.

  3. And I personally believe Biden can take 100% of the credit for this savvy Whitehouse. Good leaders know how to surround themselves with good talent.

  4. He hired the most diverse cabinet of capable people in history and got out of their way. That's a good leader.

  5. RSS is very much still a thing. It's just a delivery method.

  6. I knew this "well ackshually..." comment was coming. Yes it's a thing; I am well aware it's an open format/protocol... but it's also a thing that barely gets used the way it once did for syndicating and aggregating news.


  8. Nuance, do you understand it? Something can still exist, yet have its usage fall off a cliff compared to what it once was. Are you that fucking dense?

  9. I saw someone said that the issue was resolved after re balling the CPU. Try doing that.

  10. Something that size, why wouldn't they pour that on site? In Ny, if it doesn't fit on a tractor trailer it gets poured on site .

  11. Engineered, pre-stressed beams like this are made to precise specification and require specialized conditions to be made. It's just not realistic to make them on site at all.

  12. Got ya, but how would they transport something like that through a city?

  13. They either wouldn't, or they would plan the route very carefully to accommodate the load.

  14. Yes. You are missing something. There's only about a billion websites where you can learn about China's growth in the last century. But your made up assumptions and opinions might be at risk if you read them.

  15. How many people here would think twice to call the police in almost any bad situation because you know the police are likely to just make it worse or shoot you, your loved ones, or your pets? Show of hands?

  16. I worked with a source that i had to move manually… part of the procedure is to be fast as possible without being clumsy

  17. I know right. Such a waste. This is what happens when you cling to the past and refuse to be forward focused.

  18. Full RGB capability and the only color she uses is pink.

  19. It's not grafted. Dwarf Alberta spruce can revert to the original form. That's what happened here.

  20. The individuals involved in Nichols' death were fired and have been charged criminally. The family will sue the city. What more do we need to happen?

  21. For starters, look at all the other people who responded and stood around not rendering aid.

  22. Education isn’t the issue. It’s temperament and personality.

  23. A person who is going to complete a degree that takes a few years is far more likely to have the right temperament and character though. Your average power tripping douchebag is less likely to put that much effort into it.

  24. I would not want to work for a police department run by a liberal government leadership.

  25. Almost like this exact thing was predicted years ago when the media turned on police. No one is going to want a job that paints a target on your back, often has you work in dangerous environments, with long hours, and scrutinizes every little move you make. Especially not for what they're paid. I'd have been interested in police work 10 years ago, but I wouldn't go near it now.

  26. It seems really hard to make good changes with real lasting progress when emotions are so high. Everyone has a knee jerk reaction to it which also causes the police everywhere to become super defensive and close rank, which always leads to more anger.

  27. The only reason any of that happened was because it was caught on a camera the police didn't control.

  28. Google is just notorious for workplace sexual harassment in general. The company also has a long history of managers fucking the people who report to them, providing the career benefits you'd expect. A lot of this shit is somehow kept quiet or overlooked.

  29. Isn't this going to be true of any large organization, more or less? I'm not excusing it away, but human nature is a powerful thing.

  30. The idea that a protest has to be disruptive is nonsense. One of the biggest protests in the country is Rolling Thunder, hundreds of thousands of bikers and veterans going to DC every memorial day weekend, when there is nobody there. And yet they've accomplished massive legislative and cultural changes, all while using the proper permits. Disruptive protest is the LEAST effective method of change, as it's easily co-opted by bad actors, who start setting fires and looting, which justifies a crack-down from authorities and at the end of the day nothing's changed. If you want to protest, there's a well established system for that. Hell, all these protestors could pitch in to pay lobbyists and donate to campaigns, that would have more real-world impact than blocking some random road for a few hours.

  31. America is at that awkward stage; it's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards. -Claire Wolfe

  32. Anyone else feeling reductant to ever call the police for any reason right now?

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