A month ago I posted about my ex destroying my plants and had a larger response than i could ever imagine. But this week this leaf broke through the destroyed stems and sprouted & it’s almost poetic since he is gone now. Not to be absolutely cheesy but I mean cmon 😂 I love you all planty people.

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I needed this today

  1. How would you rate them?! Softness? Warmness? Etc etc my God I'm obsessed.

  2. This is the cutest shit ever and I want to buy one from you.

  3. They got discontinued and was brought back for literally a month and discontinued again. I was very sad. I'll ask for you!

  4. Doing the Lord's work, thank you!

  5. By cutting out most of his face as well, it gives the impression of an 'almost remembered memory'. Which ties in perfectly with his whole story.

  6. Beautifully said and I wholeheartedly agree.

  7. Yesss!! Thank you for sharing! I've only ever had Cookout in Richmond. What would you rate?

  8. I recently moved out of Centreville whew

  9. Barbarian was the winner for me this year!

  10. The wind and rain have not been kind the past couple days… but, updating my post from last week.

  11. This is lovely! Hmmmm Maryland? 🤔

  12. I remember your original post and it completely broke my heart. This is so symbolic of new beginnings, a new start, a new future. Your plant family is behind you! Wishing you nothing but all the happiness and peace 😊

  13. I need the sticky rice 🥲

  14. Teach them young 😌 cutie pie!

  15. I audibly gasped when I swiped to the next photo of the bloom 😍

  16. This has such the perfect blend of calming, cozy, and classy ambiance- I'm just completely in love. Please list all your plants starting from the left! 🙏

  17. Thank you! From left to right: Alocasia Zebrina, Philodendron Pink Princess, Alocasia Frydek, Syngonium Mottled "Mojito", Croton Mrs. Iceton, Alocasia Regal Shield, bottom of fireplace Hilo Beauty, top of fireplace Syngonium Variegatum Albo

  18. What a crew! Thanks for the info!

  19. I thought this was Bartok from Anastasia 😌

  20. I've been keeping my eye out for them but can't seem to find one. I want one really badly 😭

  21. This is actually a really cute Barbie look. Just... The lip liner doe...

  22. I see that return scepter flex!

  23. My wife’s sister (she’s younger than us) and her boyfriend were watching our house a few months ago while we went away, I told them “please don’t add water to our alcohol, we don’t pay attention to how much we have”.

  24. That's good your wife and her boyfriend help to watch the house 😊

  25. Foundation: NARS Light Reflecting Foundation in Oslo

  26. This list makes me think of the meme where it's like how guys think what no make up looks like lol

  27. Not sure if op is trolling lol but I love the general sense of concern and helpfulness from Reddit like "Oh dear honey no don't use soap"

  28. I've seen those! Worth the price you say? 🤔

  29. I think I own every color of the English Laundry pants. I love them. Cheap and comfortable.

  30. That's all I buy for my husband, it has a great look and fit and always gets markdowns. I remember snagging four pairs for $10 each!

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