1. A Canadian friend once told me that Americans (US) with good insurance are in the best position of anyone in the world when it comes to healthcare.

  2. This isn’t true. Even with very good jobs and incomes and the best health insurance on the market, a person can still accrue a lot of medical bills and still have to wait for referrals, pre-authorizations, denial of specific meds or procedures, etc. Not to mention that most “good” insurance plans still come with high monthly premiums, even if your employer foots a lot of the bill.

  3. The one time we had trouble pairing, I had to go into my Bluetooth settings on the phone and delete all of the old transmitters that were in the history. Then restart the whole process and see if it can find your transmitter.

  4. It can cause baby to poop in utero which has the potential to be extremely dangerous

  5. I’m not sure that there is any evidence that this is the case. Castor oil acts on the wall of the intestines by stimulating localized prostaglandin production, and wouldn’t reach the intestines of the fetus.

  6. I used it successfully with my first baby, guided by my midwife. I had a tiny amniotic fluid leak, was post-dates, but had barely had any BH and was only 1cm. It worked like a charm; GI cramping gave way to uterine contractions, and an easy birth followed.

  7. No problems here. It’s been a great car for me, have had it nearly a year. What sort of problems has your friend had?

  8. Where is the moisture coming from? Ceiling leak, from inside the wall, or condensation?

  9. Third-ing Auvi-Q! Pocket sized, and easier in some ways for a bystander/friend to use if necessary.

  10. The sanctimonious comments from t1s who don’t want to be associated with t2 get old fast. Not all t2 is a “fully reversible “ lifestyle choice. But you’re too wrapped up in your t1 pity party to bother to learn more. Are t1 and t2 different? Of course.

  11. I’m not defending the sanctimonious jerks - there definitely are some, but I do want to point out that there are times when the needs of t1’s are not taken seriously because most of the public is more familiar with t2. They think all diabetes is like what their aunt has or whatever.

  12. What time do you typically take your Zyrtec in relation to this nightly itching? Does it always start after you’re in bed, or after the same step in your evening routine?

  13. I take all my medication right before bed but like clockwork around 9pm I'm extremely itchy, I haven't tried moving my medication time to early. When I brought it up to my doctor they said it's impossible for the medication to wear off prior to 24 hours but I swear it only lasts 20 hours instead of until my next pill.

  14. Well, I’m not a pharmacologist but I think it’s a stretch to say impossible. You might metabolize something faster or some allergic process is causing symptoms to break through even though you’re medicated. Some people need higher doses or combinations of medications for various reasons…personally, I have a mast cell disorder that had me taking 2 zyrtec twice a day plus a slew of other antihistamines, and I still had symptoms and even anaphylaxis while on that regimen. I’m not saying that this is the case for you, just that it’s clear that something needs to be reevaluated if you are still having symptoms with your current regimen. I would talk to your allergist about it again.

  15. Ok I am not going to read this novel but why would anyone sell to Carmax? They are a scam. Their offers are mega low and their prices are uber high. You gotta be dumb to work with them.

  16. Do you actually have any first hand experience with them? I sold a car to them in less than an hour, and they offered and paid me over KBB value. They also took care of all of the paperwork. It was shockingly low hassle and I got more than I was even hoping to get out of the car. Had a similar experience with Carvana.

  17. Yes I do. Offered me 6k for a 14k kbb car. Car had no issues at all. I ended up selling private party. Sure its hasstle free I agree with that.

  18. But that’s their market analysis dictating what they offered you, not a scam. Maybe they already had a bunch of your models in inventory or knew that they couldn’t sell it quickly or whatever. To say that people are “dumb” is pretty juvenile. Sometimes the deal works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  19. As has been said, your therapist is confusing type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Generally speaking, people with type 2 make insulin - their bodies just can’t use it effectively. Sometimes this can be reversed or at least better managed with diet and exercise.

  20. Whether or not you pursue a legal case is up to you and your lawyer - but at the very least they need to be made aware that they made very grave mistake. If there are holes in their notification system and you fell through one, you might not be the only one. Their procedures and employees should be reviewed.

  21. The biggest flag in my mind, aside from the insensitive comment, is that she insisted that you re-do it the following morning. After a severe low, your glycogen stores can be depleted for a day or so. The prudent thing at the very least would have been to do it again in a few days, imo.

  22. Please ask your kid’s endo for a therapist recommendation. My t1 kid had huge needle anxiety before she was diagnosed. Our endo recommended a therapist who specialized in kids and chronic illness. It really helped, not only with the shots but also with this huge life transition that happens after a t1 diagnosis. I really cannot encourage this enough.

  23. “Autoimmune disease” is pretty broad…there are about 80 identified autoimmune diseases, and most of them would not directly impact fertility. Some may, and some may have secondary effects on fertility depending on disease progression and management. Lots of people with autoimmunity have no problems conceiving, and lots of people without AI do have fertility challenges.

  24. Leaving outside shoes at the door will help a ton! I looove the color. Very sunny!

  25. I think a lot of people miss an important reason why you go about this method. It’s not so much about the well, or controlling how much egg/flour ratio (if you weigh your stuff, it’s irrelevant that egg sizes vary), it’s about how fast you develop gluten. By adding small amounts of flour to your egg, you gradually form a dough that is elastic and actually kneed-able. It allows you to guarantee the amount of flour you put into your eggs to fully hydrate (baring you don’t just dump it all in at once, which you shouldn’t do). If you go about it backwards (ie gradually adding eggs into your flour), you will have a tough dough developping really fast and it makes it extremely tough to kneed properly.

  26. So would the well method be totally irrelevant if making GF pasta?

  27. I'm calling bullshit on at least some of the allergies. Nightshades but no tomato listed? Peanut allergies can usually still ingest peanut oil because there's no proteins in (refined) peanut oil.

  28. A girl with a peanut allergy in my college dorm died from consuming a dish with peanut oil. A local restaurant had catered an event in the dorm and failed to tell her that it had been made with peanut oil when she asked.

  29. No I didnt check my glucose since i was busy woth the activities... im newly diagnosed and this sucks fr..I am always active does this mean ill always be getting hypos?

  30. You won’t always be getting hypos - you’ll learn how to manage it and still be active. A CGM will help you tremendously. A pump could too, as you can adjust your basal rates depending on your activity level.

  31. I don’t think I do! I don’t really have any thyroid related symptoms besides hives. I’ll bring it up at my endo appointment next month to do a more thorough one but I’d definitely be surprised as I have a friend with it and when it was undiagnosed was having all sorts of symptoms. Not to say that everyone’s case couldn’t be different, but I’m also not having typical thyroid stuff like unexplainable weight gain/loss, fatigue, muscle pain etc. still worth an ask- thanks for the suggestion!

  32. I was the same way with respect to Hashimoto’s. It was diagnosed incidentally during a thorough physical..I was never obviously symptomatic and after many years still only require low doses of synthroid. My family doc diagnosed it as hypothyroidism, and it wasn’t until I asked for an endo referral during a pregnancy did we figure out that it was actually Hashimoto’s.

  33. Interesting! I’ll definitely get it checked out thank you both! Question for you- if I do have hashimotos, is treatment any different than hypothyroidism?

  34. It’s the same as far as I am aware - treat with the same meds, monitor levels periodically..

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