1. £1.5m, £2.5m, £1.5m and £2m, no? I agree with the general point though. Hopefully we'll be saying the same about Raskin, Cantwell and an extra one or two in the summer.

  2. Aren’t you supposed to be hugging your knees absolutely raging at the latest of blows to your rangedog psyche?!?

  3. Pretty sure we had Shane, yous just had the jersey

  4. 43 reading the books to my eldest just now who is 8 and nuts for HP

  5. Ange said Martindale is often boasting about Livi overperforming and you think that might warrant a stabbing from martindale’s mates, what world are you living in?

  6. Ah dunno I know a guy that got stabbed for asking for a light, so he never know.

  7. You forgot the inverted commas on that quote mate

  8. Yup it’s a no fucking brainer, send Bangers up to see Duncan Bannatyne aff dragons den with a flipchart and some markers. Make it happen!!

  9. Christ I was barely allowed to look at my phone during labour lol

  10. Man for how much labor I saw in my few weeks of clinical, I'd be there for the Pushing and that's it. Like I'm going to give my support, but that's about it. Now if it's a c- section, I'll be there for the whole thing! That was neat!

  11. The abdomen wall is surprisingly thick!

  12. Who’s have thought there would be Riley Reid memes involving the fitba

  13. The league is over but there are still two cups that we are very much in

  14. Two cups Jeremy? The much lauded “better than the league, we didny want it anyway” two cups? The pinnacle of 2020/21 sporting achievement? The Callum Davidson Dream Double??? Shit, the season is just starting!

  15. Finally, a story about Dundannanman’s nemesis.

  16. I have it on the PS5 and use Chiaki - but honestly I put pes21 on as it was in my steam library and it’s absolutely glorious on the SD. FIFA seems so unrealistic in comparison. How Konami managed to screw it up so bad baffles me. Worth a go if you don’t have it. There’s options files to bring the teams up to date (or more up to date at least) but I haven’t got round to that yet.

  17. I’ll swap this SSD with another brand once I return it and see what happens. Back to an SD card for the time being…

  18. can confirm the BC711 works perfectly, hardest part was getting the bloody RF shield back on lol

  19. Always gives 100% like Candeias in that regard. I can’t not like him even if his end product isn’t always perfect.

  20. Not having custody gives me a way more free time

  21. Stevie's Marvellous Medicine. The story of a magic inhaler that helped a team of also-rans win the league one time.

  22. Fanny: The Champion of the World.

  23. Ah man that sucks. Are you in northern UK? Maybe the parcel is still on the way to your local depot. I'm in SE and it only entered the last depot this morning.

  24. Good stuff! I got mine yesterday, it's a treat!

  25. Just waiting on my 512GB ssd now

  26. cant believe this could happen to someone who played for

  27. Can I interest you in supersizing that?

  28. Ordered last Wednesday, its at local depot today so 1 week exactly probably.

  29. Morgan Whittaker, its right there in the title man

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