The Dark History of Kabam/Netmarble

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This is seven-year-old Ellison. He has down syndrome and struggles with sensory overload. His parents used to dread haircuts until they met Vernon Jackson, a local barber.

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  1. Look on

  2. I think a lot of us are very sensitive to barometric pressure changes. It’s not a situation where this is clinician or scientifically proven but honestly I’ve experienced it enough personally that I’m going to go with it.

  3. It actually has been proven. It affects people with arthritis and people with mental illness more than others. My doctor said it definitely affects my body due to lupus and fibromyalgia.

  4. Awesome. My nurse practitioner told me there is no proof that it happens and honestly I had to side eye her.

  5. Honestly anytime I’m watching something without my husband and it gets too a point where i think he would enjoy, I stop and watch with him. It’s better together anyway

  6. Damn i remember when DS and SW were damn near unbeatable. Them getting nerfed always made me wary of maxing champs. It took forever for me to believe doom wouldn’t be

  7. My daughters hair was growing like this. Come to finally find out it’s hereditary, their dads side of the family hair almost exclusively grows this way. They are fully natural. Sometimes it just is what it is

  8. Yal talking about the seeds, it’s the stems for me. The shit is going to be like trying to get the meat out of crab legs

  9. Dueled. Sending condolences to your ally and his IRL family

  10. Good morning, Ennui Refuge has 1 opening. I only have 2 rules, log in daily (or let the group know you can’t) and play all alliance events.

  11. How do you figure? You can launch specials as a player regardless of whether you're in a heavy or not.

  12. I have not been able to launch specials in normal frame and time it’s like the buttons moved. It’s a very conscious effort to throw specials lately and it sucks. For context I’m paragon and been playing for 6 years, not a skill issue. The game is fucked up.

  13. For guidance and structured planning on how to work on yourself and accept or fix your problems

  14. Hunter X Hunter is definitely a good starter anime.

  15. I wouldn't recommend stopping it. It can be dangerous. You need to talk to your doctor. Plaquenil is famous for the following type of patient story: "After a while, I thought Plaquenil wasn't working so I stopped it but boy, was it working! Things went downhill after I stopped and I've been miserable since."

  16. Omg, so I haven't had one in probably 15 years, but I used to love a "cocktail" called "The Incredible Hulk". I had it for the first time at a bday party for my old gang banging weed dealer. He was drinking it out of a 24oz plastic cup. It's just a 50/50 mix of Hennessey and Hpnotiq. I drank it all the time for probably a year or so in my early 20s. When you mix the 2 together on ice, it turns a weird murky green color. It's even more neon green with a higher amount of Hpnotiq. If you have cognac on hand, give it a try for me please. I'd do it but I'm not going to buy another bottle of Hpnotiq for the rest of my life.

  17. Came to say this. There is no way to class it up either lol but yeah, only use for hypnotiq is an Incredible Hulk

  18. Peanut butter whiskey, blech. It becomes palatable with milk, but will never buy again.

  19. My husband mixes it in his iced coffee. Also Happy cake day

  20. Do you take any other medications? Paxlovid (specifically the ritonavir portion) interacts with tons of other medications, and can increase their levels by inhibiting the rate at which the liver processes them. If you happen to take one of those medications, the increased levels could have made you feel better. But I saw in another comment that the effect lasted a few months, which wouldn't be expected if it were just medication interactions.

  21. I take plaquenil and propranolol. I felt great for a couple of weeks after each jab. I barely wanted to tell people cause it seemed far fetched. It’s nice to see someone else say something

  22. Lmao whatever the military stuck me with a couple weeks after I recovered from covid just about killed me

  23. I have lupus, I also felt great for a couple of weeks after the Jab. I had energy like i haven’t had in years. Didn’t last very long but was noticeably better

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