1. The Xenoblade Chronicles were the friends we made along the way.

  2. The amiibo rune is returning, but it is unclear if the outfits are too

  3. yeah, i heard gliders are gonna have amiibo skins, which is cool, but not worth losing those outfits.

  4. They should easily be stronger than silver level commanders like Ethel and cammuravi, but because they lost their god powers, they are not as strong as Ouroboros.

  5. but apparently rex takes down a flame clock, which oroborus couldn't even scratch...

  6. Shulk and Rex are probably the strongest fighters from their respective worlds by the time of XC3. Considering both are capable of fighting and likely killing Moebius, that puts them stronger than any Agnus or Keves commander and are at least at a similar level of power to Nia and Melia.

  7. Dude having a death like Zack would be perfect, that's what I hope will happen. I appreciate the breakdown, explaining their disadvantages in their current state even without god powers. You think they would lose to N in a 1v1? Idk how strong N is in the greater xenoblade canon since all he does is shit on the main cast until he got shit on himself, hard for me to really understand his strength.

  8. Maybe if Mio (if she somehow remembers) explain what Noah went through and how much guilt he felt about being N, Rex might reconsider and forgive Noah (especially since they technically did Salvager Code #6)

  9. I kinda saw Nia very much seeing N and Noah as different people entirely. The other moms might be hard, but if Rex is good with it I don't think they would resist all that much. Plus Noah would def prove himself really quick.

  10. Yeah I can definitely see that Pyra and Mythra, despite not giving birth to Mio, sees her as their daughter and love her dearly. Hearing what N did might sour their opinion over Noah, but seeing how genuine and kind he is, they will, but slowly, come to see Noah as family

  11. Exactly how I imagine rex's family, literally just one big happy family, not 3 separate ones. There's no way rex would ever let that happen and all the girls are best friends (or in pyra and mythras case literally the same person) so it would be a very tight knit family.

  12. It didn't explicitly state that there would be no physical release, but I'm assuming there won't be because

  13. sorry, seems like i'm wrong, they said this in the thumbnail of the trailer:

  14. wait what? I don't remember seeing a casey cameo in the masters 8, what fight was she watching?

  15. The hyrule warriors outfit for link has always been my personal favorite iteration of his green tunic design, but though most other designs link has had in the past have returned somehow in botw, this one didn't, probably because 1. its not a main series game and therefore had less importance and 2. there was no amiibo that could be attached to it. Things have changed now though, age of calamity has become a staple of the botw part of the franchise, and so having this design made for age of calamity return somehow in tears of the kingdom is one of my personal biggest hopes. The fact that they already have a complete design for it means putting it in should be as simple as putting all the other outfits in, so I really do hope it returns in botw 2.

  16. From an objective point of view it really doesn't make to much sense, why?

  17. would you mind showing me where pikachu damaged arceus? I assume it was in the jewel of life movie, but if possible can you give me a specific point in the movie?

  18. mines super predictable, but I just want ash to get more alts, and introduce ash greninja to the game through him. I also think gold with arceus would be cool.

  19. They can always pretend there's nothing strange about Red and Blue suddendly becoming adults (just like Grimsley turning old) in the same way they already pretend BW2 Cheren and Bianca look normal next to the BW1 protagonists

  20. here's the thing though, would DeNa be willing to permenantly age up red and blue from their current iconic state? I'm sure the aged up version is popular as well, but no where near as marketable for future alts, since they would have to be in adult form aswell.

  21. where can i get ash merch like this? been lookin for a while lol

  22. In case anyones confused, the left side is ash's strongest team using only pokémon he has in his possession currently. The right is his strongest team using any pokémon considered to be his, whether in his possession or not.

  23. If red doesn't uses his mewtwo, then yeah Ash might win.

  24. I mean to be fair, I don't think the red mewtwo caught in origins is all that great. He got pummeled by charizard who learned to mega evolve literally mid-battle. People often equate all mewtwos to the same level of power because all of them are mewtwo, but even within the anime it's made explicit that there's more than one mewtwo, and they have varying levels of power. Not really fair to equate the godlike power mewtwo displays in the first movie to the one in origins.

  25. No, he was a naive kid who didn't evolve his pokémon. Man took on the Hoenn Leauge with a Grovyle and a Corphish.

  26. almost won it all with a grovyle and corphish too. Even back then, it was made clear ash using only pokémon he caught in hoenn was a self imposed setback, to train and battle alongside new partners rather than relying on his old ones. It's because of this habit he's now able to train fresh out the egg pokémon to take down cynthias garchomp in the recent season.

  27. I think Misty would prolly make it into Ultra Class. We don't really have anything to judge off of, but we've seen a couple times that "gym leader level" is an extremely broad range, cuz gym leaders aren't supposed to go all out on every single challenger; they're meant to TEST, not annihilate everyone in sight. They were much more inconsistent about this in earlier series, but nowadays it's safe to say facing a gym leader as a gym challenger is a far cry from facing a gym leader as a fellow pokemon trainer. For example, Viola was the first gym in XY, but she's strong enough to be a Duchess in the Battle Chateau, and one win away from reaching Grand Duchess. Volkner IIRC is strong enough to be an E4, and he was ranked 27 when Ash battled him. I strongly doubt Volkner battles a challenger who has, say, 3 badges the same way he would battle Ash in the PWC.

  28. I agree with almost everything you said. The issue with labeling someone gym leader or elite 4 level is that the boundaries are decided by the strongest and weakest trainers with those titles. Raihan is literally one of the strongest trainers in the world, and he's a gym leader, while korrina is somehow not breezing through normal class. I think ultra class is where the stronger gym leaders go, and the upper half of it is where elite 4 trainers would be. Trainers like volkner and bea have a solid spot in the ultra class, and I do believe volkner atleast is stated multiple times to be the strongest sinnoh gym leader. Hell, he's the rival of elite 4 flint, a top 10 trainer as well, so he's probably elite 4 level, and so is bea. So it seems like even gym leader and elite 4 have overlaps when it comes to strength.

  29. I think Misty would have still beat Lana at the Alola Pokemon League, probably beat Guzma and Gladion I don't know. Kukui no, and that Ash no.

  30. I definitely think misty could've made it to the alola league finals. I'm not great with gladion scaling so i don't know how the finals would go, but she's definitely got a chance. I honestly don't know if she's stronger than brock. Sure brock's priorities lie elsewhere, but that doesn't mean his strength remains stagnant. Idk how far you are so i won't spoil anything in journeys, but for his brief appearance he shows respectable strength. Siebold is... a weird case to me. He did beat alain, but this was alain of the past. I definitely think kalos league alain would beat siebold. That being said, Ima battle between mega gyrados and mega blastoise could go either way. I personally would put him on his tier though.

  31. apparently the longest work of fiction is 2.4 million words in english. Fgo has more?

  32. Which recap are you talking about? The last ones I’m aware of are the Project Mew and the World Championship ones.

  33. was there not one recently recapping ash's entire journey? It was even followed up by giving a small preview of the first episode of pokémon: aim to be a pokémon master.

  34. Also don't skip mini bosses on your first playthrough. Many prayer beeds are dropped by them. It's basically a noob trap where you get punished for not fighting them. Resulting in you having less vitality and posture in later stages of the game.

  35. yeah i'm trying to fight everything i see right now lol. The mini bosses are the enemies that require more than one deathblows right? The only one i skipped so far is the samurai surrounded by a bunch of enemies, my stealth is lacking, so i can't effectively take them out before fighting.

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