1. If you do at least 1 round you won't go any lower than wasp rank 17 even if you are that rank at reset.

  2. And now outraged over a Pink Floyd album cover. Apparently prisms making a rainbow means they're woke...

  3. You forgot China, him and his daughter both love that country enough to hide business over there.

  4. if u don’t wanna tip don’t, this argument is so old jfc

  5. Some places don't really pay alot per hour and the server rely on the tip as their pay. I bet you'll say, "get a different job then". But that's how this job is set up, if people can't tip they should go somewhere that isn't set up that way.

  6. Yes. This describes Dorman's in Thomaston/Rockland to a tee.

  7. I miss Dormans. You ever go there 20+ years ago when Dave's was across the street with the go-kart track?

  8. I went to Dave's restaurant (and later the cinema, which is still there but probably under new ownership), but never used the go-kart track. I remember hearing about in-fighting between Dave's and Dorman's back then, but it was a long time ago and a bit hazy.

  9. Dave's was kinda sleazy but it was nice having a diner style place there that reminded me of old school diners. Don't have another like it left in the area. The food wasn't excellent but rather have that than the Applebee's (though I'm guilty of going there a few times)

  10. Experiment at first, see what you make not knowing what you're doing. After some play then start learning it inside and out. Have fun with it!

  11. Exactly, for example how many janitors, plumbers, electricians and other assorted people just trying to make a living were on the Death Star that Luke blew up?

  12. About that argument, it depends how they were hired. Subcontracted out, freelance, or hired directly by Vader Inc? If hired right in then they knew who they were supporting and what they would be helping go against. You don't see Uncle Owen working for the dark side because the paycheck was better than farming. He wasn't encouraging Luke to sign up for the draft though the benefits were better I would imagine.

  13. Find the spots they seem to like, it's usually corners. As others said, puppy pads are great. If you're set on a box use one they can back into easily without a high lip or they won't usually use it.

  14. Thank you so much I love his ferret and would never want to do anything to hurt him.

  15. Next time (hopefully there isn't one but) if it's absolutely necessary and can't get a vet please use something less poisonous like dry mustard or similar to induce vomiting.

  16. They send, other accepts. After everyone gets the trade gauge it will show fair trades for the most part.

  17. The latest one isnt worth it though. Check the review video on YouTube and it's pretty disappointing from what he was saying so I would invest in to someone else and just wait. He might get a new one within the year.

  18. I never noticed this dog and have seen these things you point it out in and I bet I'll notice it everywhere now, lol. It's a conspiracy!

  19. As soon as I read about the Wilhelm scream, I started hearing it in everything

  20. Lmao, I love that scream. I used it in a song one of my old bands recorded years ago. That's such an old sample they don't even know who exactly to credit it to.

  21. Thanks JB, didn't know you were a reddit mod 😊 and how do I change my username?? I don't wanna be seen as bright dig lol I want my IGN 😁

  22. Press where your picture is in top right, hit edit profile, then the little pencil in top right.

  23. Servers make plenty. If you're not, find a new place. We can move anywhere and find a job easily, we know how to deal with practically any type of person after dealing with the general public for so long, we learn to to deal with almost any type of situation that arises, we learn patience and can work high stress high volume. Some jobs love hiring people that did food service for a chunk of time for exactly those reasons.

  24. Sometimes people say things they don't really mean with the intention of making other people laugh. It's called "joking", and for some it's an enjoyable pastime. It's also as good for you as eating lentils. It reduces stress, alleviates awkward social moments, and reduces swelling in the areas that make people take themselves and everything else so seriously. Highly recommend exploring this healthy hobby.

  25. I get that but this profession already gets that from regular people with no clue labeling it as not a real job anyways. I dunno, I guess I failed to find it funny lol. Sorry.

  26. As long as they're not too banged up dented or dinged beyond buffing they should be. They're made to withstand heat and I guess they just showed you that (even if they were put to extremes most cast iron never sees)

  27. Also though I wanted to add- this would be the only time I've ever recommended to someone to thoroughly clean them. Sadly you'll have to sacrifice all that lovely seasoning you've built up but you don't want to risk whatever containments they might've picked up.give them a deep clean and dry them immediately, don't soak them or anything just scrub a dub dub and immediately dry them 100%.

  28. Will the lye process do the same as cleaning them? I want to strip it down to just bare metal so I feel safe with their use.

  29. Under the enchanted uru section you wrote "if those stats is not maxed out" but should be if those stats are not". Not trying to play teacher but you asked for misprints so just trying to help. Other than something dumb like that, great work into this.

  30. They actually had to remove the bench permanently because it kept getting stolen

  31. Not true. The bench was moved to save it from the elements. Some say the real bench is in a museum in Savannah, some say the real bench is in storage at Paramount. If the one in Savannah isn't the original then it is one that was built as a replica for movie award nominees. (Edit to add since kids rather downvote than educate themselves -

  32. Have you tried the new limited epic Protictitherium? I havnt since getting it but thinking it might be a nice touch to add to a dino deck.

  33. The storyboard tells me you get all hot and sweaty spanking your monkey till it bleeds, the night of fun is like a rollercoaster

  34. I don't know if I'd trade Heimdall for Zhendge. Z has the rarity behind it but I bet we see more of them shortly. Also Z can be used in a grand total of 1 deck where as Heimdall's uses the sky's the limit, the only deck it really can't be used in is Statue of Liberty out of meta decks for the most part. Overclock decks are almost never on top, they're good and against some decks they're great but they're almost never amazing. Rainbow decks if built right can Rick right up to the top. If you're desperate go ahead and trade it but I wouldn't. Also there's a lot of Heimdall out there so finding someone that needs it but has an extra Zhendge will be another battle I think.

  35. It's not the right answer and only led to more problems but I got super spiteful and cheated back. Learn from my mistakes.

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