1. Castlevania char are apparently universal+ or low multiversal freak with like immeasurable speed coz of pocket dimension feats so Simon stomps.

  2. Show Simon destroying a universe or moving immeasurably fast, rule 5 please

  3. I sadly couldn't find a source for my claim, but if you play the game you will se that there is a boss that uses light as it's main form of attack.

  4. Boss battles mean gameplay, which should be treated separately from lore, i.e., canon

  5. Yeah, I defiently think you need to look at some of the things that Doom has accomplished. This is a guy who has taken on the Beyonders, rose to god-hood, lived from the prehistoric age fuelled by hate to defeat his mentor, won battles against Mephisto, drained the powers of the Silver Surfer and a rogue Watcher.

  6. The only alien that puts up a fight is Alien X. And even he gets wrapped up by current Manhattan, who messes with DC on a multiversal scale or whatever.

  7. Probably a no name, highly skilled person that has never been on TV or the internet

  8. Villain Descendingsword from the Suggsverse novels should be enough to dispatch the SCP wiki

  9. Just learned about suggsverse from this comment. Wish I hadn’t. That is some of the worst writing I’ve ever seen, but to each their own.

  10. It's actually really, really good and smart. And if you don't like it, you have something wrong in your brain. But whatever, you can have an opinion too.

  11. Try Villain Descendingsword from the Suggsverse novels

  12. i did, so if you want a source to my claim read Corinthians 12:3; Romans 10:9 and probably in the baptisms referred to in Acts 8:16; 19:5 and 1 Cor 6:11 in the bible:)

  13. Very belated reply, but I finally took your advice and updated it to be more comprehensive and show who he got his powers from.

  14. Good thread. You forgot to mention that he has the ability to pet dogs though. This is important as it makes him more powerful than 99% of video game characters.

  15. Villain Descendingsword from the Suggsverse novels is a good start

  16. Raiden puts himself in a mortal body when he participates in Mortal Kombat tournaments

  17. What do you mean with this question? And why is it flaired as scan battle?

  18. Didn’t know what to put as tag as nothing made sense, and also like how they only use destruction feats and not cosmology like how Thor should one shot vegeta because Thor is outer while vegeta is only multi+

  19. Scan battles are for matchups that you'd want to see proof for every claim. Like, if someone said Batman is strong enough to punch a shark out, they'd have to show the video or comic page to prove it.

  20. I do it for a hobby too lol, it's not my job or obligation or anything

  21. Well then explain y u think it ain’t an accurate description of a characters strength instead of this “do u think…..” bs. I don’t it’s an automatic win button against characters that aren’t non archetypes, however in this case her being an archetype scalers her way beyond what ghost rider can do so it’s a relevant thing to bring up.

  22. No, it really isn't, being an archetype literally has no bearing on how strong, fast or tough a character is. It is not relevant whatsoever to what a character scales to.

  23. I literally explained why being a jungian archetype matters to how strong you are, how about u debunk that instead of telling me ur opinion.

  24. No one's talking about prep. With your archetype explanation, he wouldn't need prep, because in base form he's already above concepts like space and time. So, naked, unarmed, no prep Batman should already be enough since Ghost Rider is only a 3D character.

  25. When is that thumbnail image going to stop being used whenever people complain about wokeness

  26. If the game is shit, then you judge, then you get said to stfu, because OMG stop being crybabies stop complaining about the game so tired of this sub SMH go to low sodium SplinterCell mods please start banning people giving their opinion. Its that simple.

  27. I don't think this comment works as a sentence, you should try adding some punctuation in there

  28. "Fisher we need you to interrogate Chris Chan but make sure to use the correct pronouns while addressing xer"

  29. You can't really blame people for saying those things when they turn out to be true, which is most likely why the KOTOR remake got cancelled.

  30. This sounds like a copypasta pulled from a handful of different youtubers

  31. Also, if I'm not mistaken, there are other objects that can be used to contact the Cenobites. Sometime it's a puzzle box, sometime it's a guitar... I think I've heard about a room in which walking from one point to the other in a very specific order will summon the Cenobites.

  32. The novel, Hellbound Hearts, as well as the early comics delve into those other puzzles. A knot puzzle will summon a many-tongued cenobite, while a disturbing crossword puzzle opens a portal to Hell once completed. I'd recommend them if you're interested, they're really good at showing a deep mythology without relying so much on the Pinhead character.

  33. I've just finished reading HH and it really only briefly mentions the possibility that there may be other other puzzles. Kirsty supposes that "what if" there is something like a crossword puzzle or a jigsaw, as well as the box. I'm guessing this idea was further fleshed out (lol) in the comics?

  34. The Hellbound Heart is the og book, Hellbound Hearts is an anthology that came out three decades later, you'll totally like it if you enjoyed the first one

  35. Praetor suit description of it being basically impervious. Slayers body being more durable than said praetor suit. In any of the cutscenes the slayer never even took any damage. Also to further support it being basically impervious go to 4:01 in this video

  36. Both of the things you posted are turns of phrase. The sickle line is literally a simile, not a feat.

  37. Praetor suit description texts literally supports it. Refer to what I said after the sickle part.

  38. The suit did not protect him from getting put in a coma by a temple roof, it is demonstrably not invincible, even in lore

  39. Massive stomp for the Thieves. Raven might be able to hold her own but every Thief roughly scales to just below Joker's level anyway.

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