1. U. S. gun worship is weird, and shouldn’t be encouraged

  2. Brazil almost adopted US gun laws, insane as that sounds, under its fascistic trumpian ex prez

  3. I can imagine how bad those roadblocks and stormings that happened because of Lula’s victory would have been had Bolsonaro’s thugs been armed, glad those laws never passed

  4. Thanks bro, hopefully you take this convo to heart and grow into a person that doesn’t need to pay for that attention

  5. Haha keep going dude, we can go all night because I know you probably don't have a job to be at tomorrow - folks of Reddit take note of this bizarre interest buddy has in such a "pathetic" guy and come to your own conclusions...

  6. That open source project some YouTuber was begging other people to develop who don’t even have proper leadership?

  7. Québec here, so it would definitely be against us so yeah I’d fight Canada to leave it if it got to that point

  8. Another Québec here, be realistic neighbour. It’s not a cause worth anything. Hasn’t been.

  9. Escape from tarkov taught me that you need a stanag magwell modification to accept stanag magazines instead of the g36 mag

  10. 6'2" white guy here. I get a like once every couple of days. I have matched with one of those incoming likes only once in my six months of using the app. The thing about Hinge is that many women on the app never send any likes at all -- they simply don't have to interact with that feature, because they can go through their queue of incoming likes and prefer to that to swiping through profiles.

  11. Would be cool if hinge only showed you new likes for every one you sent out

  12. It’s the most successful way I’ve gotten matches

  13. Hey, at least we’ll get one hour long video essays on how exactly this game crashes and burns

  14. Nah you just need to be level 15 now, it used to be the way you’re saying but only EoD players would benefit because any other version of the game without the rep bonus would need to get the flash drives to earn enough rep at level 15 for skier two

  15. “No need to be a prick about it” as you are completely condescending about being at your computer lol average Tarkov subreddit user

  16. Average tarkov sub user when someone tells them they spend too much time on their computer

  17. Baby gamer complains without ever testing it out for himself, baby gamer is a prick while being incapable of taking a little snark back. Baby gamer is on reddit commenting 12 hours a day yet complains about not having time.

  18. I’d call one for you but they don’t come with a forklift for loading ;)

  19. Why is this guys YouTube channel being promoted here constantly?

  20. I used to watch his channel a long time ago cause he covered interesting early access games, but started to realize he just prys on outrage culture for views which isn't my thing.

  21. Bro, I’m not saying they are the same thing. I’m saying both aid and invasion re not minding our own business. I’m calling put the blanket statement and you are either intentionally not getting the point so you can prolong an argument on Reddit, or you have an IQ below room temperature. Either way, read my comment again, and turn your brain on this time

  22. It’s their business just like how it’s every other country’s business. There are institutions in place to allow countries to handle disputes and it’s in the best interest of everyone to make sure it never escalates to war, and if it does escalate to war then the goal is to ensure the security of the victim.

  23. K, you are intentionally missing my point, hence me insulting your intelligence. Cya dumbass

  24. I see your point, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the situation, you simply don’t understand. You can’t read apparently

  25. There goes my free time :) I hope there’s a fix for GB’s ports in the first version

  26. Let me guess. PC security update will release 2nd February at the earliest then.

  27. Most redditors are just fat slobs that hate anyone that are active lol. Say anything bad about videogames and watch them have melt down.

  28. Most people get their exercise from other things besides running stop signs and hogging lanes

  29. Yeah a cyclist is hogging a lane while someone driving a pickup truck with no passengers totallllly isn’t /s

  30. Haha I almost did until someone traded me the key I needed for 3 croutons, people are so weird like how hard is it to find 3 croutons?

  31. You’re getting fancy keys meanwhile I couldn’t even get 2 hoses for my croutons

  32. Bet your eating your words now eh lolol

  33. Yeah I think the furthest that tech can go is artificial organs, not transferring your mind

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