1. Idk why, I can do lines like there’s no tomorrow, but more than 1 expresso and I feel like I’m going to die

  2. GHB for sure if you’re responsible!

  3. I’ve had several seizures and ended up in the hospital almost dying due to benzos (like alprazolam) pls sinta

  4. whats your preferred roa and stim? and do you consider yourself addicted?

  5. I consider myself a poly addict, a functional one tho, I try to only use kratom and weed daily, but it’s has been hard staying away from other things My prefered stim is coke but the one I use most is 3-mmc, my prefered ROA for coke is snorting, for 3-mmc is boofing

  6. Once you get used to it it’s great

  7. What is the meaning of life?

  8. The meaning of life is that we ( as one, and one conscious only ), get to experience every life on earth in order to get simple concepts that doesn’t exist in other dimensions (like good or evil) we’re all the same conscious experiencing different lifetimes, and we’ll only evolve when we’ve experienced it all, and then we become the beings we call gods

  9. He’s by my side and said it’s okay

  10. Unfortunately I’m tapering off benzos, I had a pretty bad addiction, don’t wanna go back to that, but thank you for your response

  11. L theanine worked wonders for me, although I had to pretty much mega dose it. But it has a very good safety profile. I recommend trying it.

  12. I have some lying around, why not give it a try? Thanks!

  13. Anyone care to guess how long until this post gets deleted?

  14. Ay GHB is so underrated, not tried it with 4MMC

  15. Such a good combo, should give it a try

  16. Dancing like no tomorrow, partying for hours, hours of sex on speed? Sound like MDMA.

  17. The dancing part yeah, but On MDMA I can’t even feel horny, but Speed + GHB had me fucking for 10h straight

  18. You don't get horny on MDMA? Wow! I'm shocked. But I remember someone told me females are more horny on it and males not so much. Maybe that's the case. :D

  19. I love making out and physical touch on MDMA, but not really sex

  20. I think they are quite similar, this phenibut don't make me feel as wired like stimmy I avoid lyrica cause of that unless I get it free I prefer gabapentin, I would say it's closer to lyrica than it is to gabapentin, I did 2g twice and now 1.6g and just made some food (makes you have mega munchies) made 8 sausages, veg, gravy n noodle soup as a sauce and put it i oven and a made a huge fruit crumble, I think they are nearly the same but this is really starting to seem stronger than lyrica, I kinda stumble a bit so it's similar like that, the head feeling is also similar but a bit different at the same time, I note there is more muscle relaxation but now I'm at 5.6g I can feel a bit of that stimmy lyrica edge, it's unique but i'd def put it next to lyrica as the closest drug to it that I have tried, I would say both lyrica and this feel a bit odd, I would not say it feels cleaner just different. I have taken a huge dose here over the hours for my first time so really getting a feel for it.

  21. To me lyrica feels like a way more dissociative GHB, wich I love, but that dissociation leaves me dumb AF sometimes, do you find phenibut dissociative like lyrica? Is it hard to keep a train of thought?

  22. I am high as a kite it's like a better lyrica

  23. I’m also interested in trying phenibut, and see a lot of people comparing it to lyrica, how would you compare both? Would you say phenibut feels more clean?

  24. It’s a blue/green dragon pill

  25. That looks great, I’m jealous 🤤

  26. It looks more like EU speed (amphetamine), how does it smell?

  27. I’ve had good coke before that looked something like this, but just a couple times, is it really this yellow or is it because of the flash?

  28. Not RCs but weed and/or GHB make me hungry af, G sometimes even gives me munchies on stims.

  29. Yeah definitely. I also use Kratom daily and have been reducing my usage on the days that I take phenibut. You could even skip your kratom dose possibly depending on your dependance level, without issues as the phenibut has a noticeable mood and sociability boost to it for most people.

  30. If you're in Europe give liftmode a pass. You've got local options that have far better quality control from what I hear, someone else will know. On the plus side, Agmatine. I've just started and am doing fairly small amounts sporadically, I've had to cut the kratom down because it works a bit too well now. So far it doesn't seem like just a soporific affect, the fun part of the buzz feels stronger with fewer mg. Always do the research when getting tips on CNS meds, everyone feels them different and to confirm they dont interact with existing scripts. Pretty happy with Agmatine so far, NAC is also a very good investment for the come down from phenibut. Maybe even with Lyrica if it's GABA related, I don't have experience with that one.

  31. Thank you so much for your response! Where I live actually I don’t have local options, that’s why I really need to get it online, that being said, is liftmode worthy?

  32. These are probably much closer to 100 - 150 mg. Don’t believe the lie your dealer sold you.

  33. I know same press doesn’t mean same potency, but had ones like this a couple months ago and tested them at a drug testing service near my house, and they tested 220

  34. At the same time don’t let this prick tell you what’s in your drugs either. No one knows for sure but you have a better idea than anymore

  35. Unfortunately no one knows what’s in their drugs, what it’s a shame, I always test my shit and tell other people to do the same!

  36. I just made an order from here. I'll review it later :)

  37. Came here to try and say something funny, but nothing can top this!

  38. I’ll definitely post a nice video for you🤣

  39. Thank you so much, I’ll do some k so I can feel like I’m in the video

  40. There was a point when I did K+M+LSD last year when I was dancing and bobbling my head. . . I literally became "no thoughts, head empty, just vibes." It was the BEST.

  41. I once closed my eyes on this combo, and forgot I existed, until a friend of mine called me and I hopped my eyes only to realize that for like half an hour I haven’t existed, it was just void, and it was beautiful

  42. I really enjoy I Spit on your Grave

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