1. Basically, it was supposed to be 25 gems, but popcap fucked it up. You can get 200 seeds free per device! Get it now!

  2. Im playing gdps with Account and don't have snow help

  3. Gdps editor subzero update 1.3? With the new swing copters n stuff

  4. Just anothe random question...Does the German language have a lot of words with several consecutive consonants?

  5. "Probably becouse of how closely related fnf and sonic have become." -Random guy on reddit

  6. Weird bug, when i had it i just reopened and it helped

  7. Tried uninstalling a couple of times and it still didn't fix it

  8. I work at RobtopGames, Your account has been marked for TERMINATION. we will shut down your account within 24 HOURS. However we will give 2nd chance if you SABSCRIBE TO YT TOP RIGHT OF MY PROFILE

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