1. Sexy AF! Did you design the PCB or did you outsource it?

  2. How many of those are servos? Can't think that there's enough PWM pins on the nano to make that manageable

  3. Nine in total I was going to go for 10 but I thought nine would be enough

  4. Since I haven’t followed your project, what is the pcb for?

  5. It's the power of the servo motors for a circus baby robot or animatronic

  6. I was hoping he was going to start smashing his head into the curb when he landed face first on it

  7. Joints, or just look at robot schematics to reverse engineer the parts, what pushs or pulls

  8. although is there a learning program to teach you about this because I am not good at reverse engineering or have no idea how to build one in the first place :/

  9. It's the best I can tell you because that's how I did it

  10. Three members of my family went to therapist and they threw them under the bus and put them in psychiatric facilities, I don't trust therapist

  11. Ender 3 for Endo and resin for the shell

  12. Spot on the metal arm of a servo joint came down dug into my thumb which did drop blood It got real deep The type in servo joints on Amazon you'll see the metal part I'm talking about see how thin it is

  13. There's even a collectible in like the second level of the game about ratchet & clank

  14. Yeah I only caught a glimpse at the book before I read the poem

  15. Stick it in and stretch, stick it in and stretch.

  16. Servo joint arm pitch the top of my thumb, deep, I was using a servo controller and the power to it wasn't to stable so it reset causeing it send the servo to its default value which is were my thumb was

  17. It wouldn't stop bleeding to get a good image ,It was deep not large besides the first picture was taken right after so I could show proof why I can't go to work that day and , and the other images came after

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