1. The whole thing is so goddam creepy... Was the photo of the mother and daughter in the background there before? The eyes look like they've moved?

  2. That's actually me and my mom, it's one of the few photos I have of her, and she's always been there

  3. Add Helpys ultimate custom night button timing but he throws his little brother like a basketball into his mouth

  4. The Afton Ending, It also kind of goes with the gameplay choice of locking out saves at 6:00 a.m. because trying to get all the upgrades and not die is a pain especially if you want the that ending. Besides that the ending is so confusing and underwhelming, like what was that giant glam rock Freddy head for that doesn't really make sense, not to mention why are we in a cave? How the hell does a whole building, front door included, just sink into the ground and have everything stay intact I thought everything was destroyed in the fire, and just the whole Afton fight is so underwhelming. I mean it's good to see the old FNAF layout of two doors and an air vent but the room looks so bad like it was put together in like 5 minutes so many flat walls with plain textures on it and not to mention there was no pacing for it so you had to do trial and error. Which is bad since your checkpoint is way behind this so if you screw up because you didn't know what to do guess what you got to restart. The whole Afton ending just seems like there was planned but no work was put into it until the last minute and they sort of just threw what they had I feel like his second should have been a lot longer like we found the foundation of the building and not the whole building and then found a way into the underground labyrinth and worked through the labyrinth finding all of these old FNAF related artifacts and hints of the blob and slowly find what Fanny has been doing this whole time and then we get to fight Afton but it wouldn't be the old FNAF layout style This should have been using the labyrinth what it's been made for to confuse and trap and electronics, it would have been cool trying to balance it so Freddy doesn't get caught but burnt wrap does and then the blob can add an extra fling to it It just seems weird, also vanny and Vanessa just having weird screen times or next to none at all

  5. fucking dope dude. you planning to add any way to keep the light within the borders of the eye?

  6. I'm going to add some very dark black paint to the back of the mask to keep the light bleeding through, the material that's in front of the LED now is just there for testing I have something else in mind that won't scatter the light as much

  7. To reactivate withdrawal you need to contact customer care,..

  8. I found that odd since some of their activity has been very recent not just on that site both of those accounts actually

  9. Oh I didn't do anything I just use a random login

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