1. When you changed out your gpu did you just drop it in and start using it? Or did you use DDU to uninstall nvidia drivers and then install the amd ones after the removal?

  2. Plot twist you were chasing giving him no where to go, and made him mad.

  3. It’s just funny to see people go on Reddit and complain like this. It’s against the rules, and you use emojis on here. Oof

  4. What I find the strangest about your link to the graphs is when your cpu spiked in usage your temps went down. And when usage went down your temps went back up. That’s some strange cpu behavior.

  5. Contractors supports mods Atleast on quest native

  6. #1 PCIE GEN 4 CPU on a PCIE gen 3 board, so you will lose out on that.

  7. That’s the nice thing about pc gaming is changing out parts as you can and want. Op can get a new cpu, and then replace their motherboard when they are ready. They aren’t gonna lose much performance with pcie gen 4. So there is no reason not to upgrade to a 5600 if they can with their current build for the cheapest price possible for op. If they are running a system this old they might not have a high budget and only a budget for a new cpu that will help them wayyyyyyy more then pcie gen 4.

  8. Cpu is pretty outdated. A 5600 would be a huge improvement

  9. You didn’t mention resolution. That matters a lot, and games you’re looking to improve in.

  10. 1200 for the nvida card and more for the board partners. I laughed when I saw the rog strix price. It’s like $50 less then a 4090. It’s so laughable. I’m happy with my 12gb 3080 and will be for a long time I think at 1440p

  11. I wonder how your thermals are. There doesn’t like like there’s much of any airflow into the case

  12. Just make sure to update your bios on your motherboard and go for that 5900x with these heavy sale prices rn. What speed is your ram?

  13. Where’s f1 manager? 13, and 19? o:

  14. Did you try reinstalling windows clean?

  15. Thumb drive with windows installer on it. When you turn the pc on go into the bios and make that thumb drive your 1st boot drive

  16. What resolution are you playing at?

  17. I don’t see you getting a bottle neck with a 10th gen i5 and a 2080ti at 75hz tbh

  18. Then you may be thermal throttling

  19. I’d save your money and wait to see what amd gpu comes out soon for rdna3.

  20. I’ve never had performance issues, but what’s your specs? Everyone has different versions of high end and good pc’s.

  21. i can clip on switch no problem but when i try to do it on cemu it never works (which is weird since switch should be the most up to date version of the game)

  22. Is cemu running at 30fps?

  23. Try setting it to 30 or right under to copy the switch

  24. Possibly shorted something/ power supply?

  25. It’s hot, but also depends on your case for cooling and the card you get for cooling. My 3080 12gb strix card would almost overheat in my old case. I got a 4000d airflow with noctua a12x25 fans for intake and my card runs wayyyyyyy cooler now vs my old phantex eclipse.

  26. Hit more details. Says you may need to update the bios. That’s the firmware version on the motherboard to support that cpu. You’ll need a thumb drive to do that and another pc to download it to.

  27. Why is your render res so low? If ur monitor is a 1440p?

  28. If you read said dlss ultra performance.

  29. Bad contact pin or it fell off. Either way try another cable. It’s not working right.

  30. Case makers need to keep note. Your airflow must be insane

  31. 1200 but for the people actually buying one, have fun buying one at 1600-2000 from scalpers also

  32. Look at the render resolution is set to when the cpu is the bottle neck. You are playing in 1990 with that resolution. Other is 1440p

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