1. The easiest approach would be to cut out the part of the track you want to Q, add it to a new track and then use FlexTime on that track.

  2. thanks ! what do you plug into ? Does it not get too hot ?

  3. It has all the ports you’ll need. Doesn’t overheat at all. Runs on the MacBook power, no external power source needed - it uses the 2 lightning ports on your Macbook

  4. when you’re in the Edit window in Logic (should be default window) press F to open your files.

  5. Yup, just drag your wav files into Quick Sampler or DMD

  6. Aroy Thai, on Woodroffe. It’s in an Esso station but is the absolute best Thai I’ve had in town (and I’m a Thai-a-holic). Available on UberEats 10/10

  7. Not to be glib, but singing well is hard. Keep practicing, consider lessons.

  8. Just a note that if your mic requires phantom power, a 1/4 adaptor won’t work since it doesn’t carry power

  9. You won’t get better quality with an audio interface, unless it’s got some kind of expensive pre-amp. Flat-EQ Studio Headphones are fine in your use case.

  10. How to play with a metronome. You literally have one job

  11. You should probably contact whoever makes that plug-in.

  12. Have the dry track, and put all the FX on an Aux track. Send the dry to your FX Aux

  13. Fancy: bellavitano merlot cheese on Honeycrisp apple slices

  14. I’ve used SE215’s for almost 6 years, at least 3-4 times a week and they’re still awesome.

  15. Alchemy. It has everything you need. Learn it.

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