1. Install W11 then, or goto mobo support dw rst drivers extract them to usb and you know then how it goes..


  3. Try to lower ram speed to 4800Mhz and if crashes again with e-cores ON then RMA cpu, or raise ram speed from 4800-5200-5600-6000-6400 etc to see when it's crashing.

  4. You can use 2 bottom nvme slots 3.0x4 for raid no problem there, top one is from cpu 4.0x4.

  5. B660 does not support RST NVMe RAID. Just SATA. Need H670 or Z690 for NVMe.

  6. So just non bootable raid from windows for nvme, what a jerks.

  7. When i game with my 3060 that's my power consumption LOL, F76 specifically idle only 15W.

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