1. Im hoping it comes really, really soon. But at latest before my 30's. Ik my goals are soon but I like to set high goals.

  2. We are already so close. These people have made a functioning headset that has the resolution to our eyes, so it looks like the real world. And its also got the perfect hand and eye tracking, you feel the virtual world with this device. If ya wanna know just search up Varjo

  3. Okay, I'll found the Knights of the Blood and be known as "Twin Crimson Blades" Azusa! Who's with me?

  4. You're the first to reply so you're my vice-commander. Wanna sweeten the deal with a ring~?

  5. Absolutely insane. I was going to do that but you got too it first

  6. I have a felling that hornet really wants to punch Ghost

  7. Good question The charm you get from sly is named the Nailmaster's Glory, and the description says that it contains the "passion, skill, and regrets" of a Nailmaster. So it's implied that by using the charm you gain the knowledge of a Nailmaster.

  8. Not only pure Void, but UNIFIED Void. All Void in existence bends to your unfathomable willpower. And on top of that, you are also a master of SOUL, using three of the most powerful SOUL spells known in the kingdom. All of this, plus your skill as the Last Nailmaster, wielding the Pure Nail, a weapon forged to absolute perfection by a true master Nailsmith

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