1. still don't understand what the small cup of shredded cheese is supposed to be for...

  2. I had this issue the other week. Someone I’m talking to swore Canada Dry would help me. I still felt like shit.

  3. Yeah, the issue is you didn't drink Vernor's. Source: Michigander.

  4. Keep marching, damnit! Though, if it gets too dangerous, my band director will pull us off of the field and to safety.

  5. I'm not certain I 100% agree, but I do think you hit the nail on the head for just about everything (especially my dislike of babies)

  6. I'd also like to mention here, Percy is a son of Poseidon, one of the Big Three. I, for one, do not want to piss off one of the Big Three, no matter my power level. You know what would really piss off Poseidon? Killing his son. Yeah, no thanks. If I did, my last words would be instructions to rule my death a suicide because that was my own dam fault.

  7. I feel like any one of the olympians realistically could wipe the floor with him, but I do think that he would probably eff a lot of things up on his way down. Like, he wouldn’t win, but he’d 100% make sure his last moments were as problematic as possible.

  8. Oh, absolutely. If Percy is going down, he's dragging as much down with him as possible.

  9. From what I’ve seen, half assed is about as far as I would go.

  10. Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Botswana, Algeria, Morocco, Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi I can go on & on...

  11. Cote de Ivoire, Mali, Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania, Somalia, Gambia, Gabon... (let it be known that I resemble a sheet of paper and reside in the US, I have no faith in most other Americans at this point. Just please know that we aren't all this ignorant.)

  12. It's old and honestly I'm too attached to change it at this point (also it's my user on just about every form of social media I have so rebranding would be a headache)

  13. My freshman year we had a horn player from Japan, it was nice having more than two of us in the section.

  14. I'm pretty sure she does sex education type stuff just based off of the combination of handle and post.

  15. I got a lip injury the day before a high school band day (colorguard hit my bell on accident during the Homecoming pep assembly), I was not allowed to play for HoCo but I was able to fully participate in band day. Ice your lip and take it easy, if possible don't play until Saturday or Sunday just to be safe. Lips heal really fast, thankfully.

  16. We are pretty underestimated when it comes to the difficulty of our instruments

  17. It’s a rental so if you are using them they will go away after.

  18. That'a utterly ridiculous! If I buy the hair, I should have unlimited access to it.

  19. According to my bands euphonium section leader it has an aftertaste like carrots

  20. Karen, yet another term that got bastardized.

  21. We have a glow in the dark cardboard skeleton with a Christmas bow on its forehead with Halloween garland hanging from it. On the inside of one of the back room doors "I like them BIG!!!" is written in large letters with sharpie and none of the seniors know where it came from, it was there when they started at my school.

  22. I can't say that I would. If this strategy genuinely worked and you were winning every competition it would not make me quit.

  23. Yeah, winning every comp is nice, but there's a certain point where you get bored out of your mind because you've advanced past a certain part or dril. Hell, I'm getting that with the pieces that I haven't been playing for a long time because they're a general high school level and I'm one of the most advanced in the band. If I was playing the same parts over and over for years? Forget about it.

  24. For marching it was either clarinets or drumline, for concert it's definitely percussion and then trombones. We have three trumpets.

  25. I think the only other activity left would be community marching bands if you have one, but I doubt that would be competitive.

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