1. Set goals. Set your mind to things that you think of in your free time. Instead of going home and thinking about getting in shape, go do it. Go do things you’re uncomfortable with but interested in and get comfortable with those things.

  2. This is 2 years old but how is it treating you?

  3. Great. No issues at all so far and I’m 5000 miles in. I’d ride even more if I could. But I live in Ohio lol. For longer trips, it’s not as good as bigger bikes but a few hour trips aren’t bad at all. I installed a cafe fairing and mini apes as well as a new seat which help a ton.

  4. Why don’t you want your ass hair? If it’s just bc you don’t want it there, I’d suggest learning to live with it.

  5. You have clearly listened to none of his later projects, he still has many hits

  6. Bro you made a post and then when people give you their reasons, you just shoot them down and tell them they’re wrong.

  7. 28 year old is old head I guess haha. Complexity and technical skill doesn’t automatically make a song better than a less complex song.

  8. If the V&H Twin Slash still runs a lineup that fits the sixty, I had those on my 18 bobber, with the additional quiet baffles. Louder than stock but not deafening. Left for work early in the morning and neighbors were fine with it, even if it was mostly cause I started and left.

  9. I have these on mine. Didn’t add the quiet baffles and it still isn’t too loud or obnoxious. They look and sound awesome. 100% would recommend

  10. Stop being lazy and just raid. If you must be lazy go to gunsmith hit right on your dpad and buy calus mini tool for your solar smg. For hollow denial, solar machiene gun, void machiene gun maybe you will get one from Xur? on fridays

  11. Just getting back into destiny and have been looking for the mini tool. I’ve been to the gunsmith and he doesn’t have it for me? Am I missing something?

  12. Taking care of yourself and caring what you look like isnt gay.

  13. Some of these “pranksters” just need punched in the face one time.

  14. Not op, but fuck golf. The "sport" is fine i guess, but fuck the elitism and especially fuck wasting all that plantable space, water, fertilizer run off, and whatever tax fuckery that might go on getting us to pay for that BS but then not letting you in if you're not fancy enough. Good for that golfer guy, glad he's having a good time and same for the folks that get excited about all that, but a hearty "fuck golf" from me.

  15. I pay 20 bucks for 18 holes on mondays. 18 bucks for 9 on other days. I bought second hand clubs and hate spending money but golf is so calming and relaxing that it’s worth it to me. At my local muni we’re allowed to wear t shirts and shorts. A lot of people even wear cut offs. Not all courses are elitists assholes.

  16. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say there’s some things you do for fun that people would think are stupid as well lol

  17. Health. When I was drinking 4 days a week, barely working out and eating poorly, I found I had a lot less energy on my off time.

  18. I’m really getting fed up with how women sports are being treated, politically and by the media.

  19. How are the being treated? What do you expect they change?

  20. Since I’ve stopped drinking and just smoke weed now, sweets have been hitting the spot for me. I used to hate sweets. Still hate soda and candy but things like cookies and ice cream, I’m going crazy now that I’m sober.

  21. The actual dip they spit out on the green? Or someone’s spit? I’ve seen dip that was in someone’s mouth but never actual spit.

  22. I’m still able to chase my dreams.

  23. I’ll bet ya. 1000 bucks says it’s a real quote.

  24. If I do quit out, it’s bc I’m not having fun. I think the last time I raged was in high school. At 28, I just relax and smoke while I game now.

  25. Is he really? Google says his weight is 195ish. So if he’s 6’3 195, he’d be a bean pole haha

  26. The 6700 XT is a great card. Just bought it for my brother after an rx580 lasted for 5 years. He loves it

  27. Yeat is one of the most creative rappers out there but y'all don't like people that do something different

  28. He can be creative and different but don’t expect everyone to like it.

  29. Like you’re afraid to die? Or you feel like you’re just living with no purpose?

  30. If you want to be on something for the majority of your life, find an AAS source.

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