1. Hmm there are surpsingly very much single colour surfaces with low features ... do you have a scan spray or dryshampoo?

  2. Yes, that's a small figure less than 3cm... sadly I don't have any of this, but I have baby powder, can it work ?

  3. I have a suspicion. Can you share the images you took so i can take a closer look?

  4. It isn’t letting me grab them for some reason. Any idea why?

  5. I'm not a star wars fan at all but fallen order was awesome

  6. Wow, the best town I have seen !! Any update ?

  7. I don't really care about the pride events... There is not so much content each time. But it would be great if they made like a pride parade event with more festive décoration, parade float, ...

  8. where did you get this and steal!!

  9. Vinted for the sets and an old toystore for the dhb

  10. What’s the story here? How come you have these random photos but no idea where they’re firm, and what do you need them for?

  11. I'm working on the french version of the board game "sons of anarchy men of mahyem" and working with scan was not so good so I made a template and now I only need some screenshots to make it good like

  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/PlayStationFR/status/1503370572725694470

  13. What !? We gave the dev to the guys who made Disney infinity ... ABORT THE MISSION !!

  14. I think buying wand skin at Ollivander can be great but the power gain need to come from the wizard

  15. AS I mentioned I can't load any objects to cloud or local. I have tried joining a friends room to have the load the objects and they load but I am unable to see them just blank. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated have reinstalled game and done about everything I can think of. At this point I can't create anything or play much of anything in the game.

  16. Try uninstalling visual c++ 2012 and install it again

  17. Really cool project, what mod are you using for your walls ?

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