1. Phoenix tickets were pretty reasonable, I got two seats in the middle 200s section for like $98 each. VIP wasn’t even that much

  2. I mean yeah, why not? Unless you tell someone it used to be fanfiction, they’ll probably never figure it out

  3. Steam cleaning is good but I suggest putting it in a ziplock bag and storing in for freezer for a few day. This will kill any moths as that looks like it could be a moth hole

  4. It could be. It was like that when I bought it in in December and I haven’t seen anything to suggest it’s gotten more damaged since I’ve had it

  5. I’ve seen results suggesting hand washing or steam cleaning and I wanted to know what’s best. It’s in good condition, other than a small hole on the back. I’m worried about damaging the fabric on accident. If anyone has ideas, please let me know!

  6. SJP and Kibe were neighbors. She's as verified as it gets 🤣

  7. The fact that some people fall for it seems to be the point. It’s an inside joke. They want people to be offended.

  8. I missed a word. Should be “subverting propaganda”. I just mean that they’re distracting/disrupting the people spouting anti trans rhetoric by pissing them off.

  9. I borrow SC styles a lot for work wear. In my field, it’s a little difficult to balance ornate, yin aspects in an HTT with “looking professional”, but that’s something I’m working on.

  10. I really don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if it happened, but it’s not worth getting your hopes up about it

  11. I love foundation and I think it’s key in midcentury looks to wear what they wore, so I came up with a measuring system and drawings so people could find their sizes. I really want to do more illustrations for kibbe stuff now that I’m thinking about it.

  12. Can you link me to your measuring system? I’m to trying to work more vintage into my closet and that sounds super helpful

  13. You had the honor of being the first minor banned from playgrounds. Just wait until you can grow a wispy thin mustache

  14. Everyone in this fandom has always had VERY STRONG OPINIONS on their favorite album. I get you don't like people trashing your favorite record, but the general consensus between the public, the fandom, and even the band themselves at this point is that Mania isn't their strongest work.

  15. I’m late to the FOB game and started listening around when Mania came out. The albums that got me into them would be Mania, Folie and IOH, but my actual favorite is FUTCT. It took me a long time to listen to that album all the way through and it just really grabbed me when I finally did.

  16. So retiring in your late fifties is worth putting your nephew into the foster care system? YTA.

  17. Even different female hamsters smell different. My first female hamster smelled like old chicken soup, my current one just smells musky

  18. TR, delicate shoulders, soft straps, small details, and moderate vertical accommodation _^ a SG could do it in a slightly shorter version, and I could see SC doing it with an ascot to balance the very wide structured neckline _^

  19. Y'know, I don't think I'm feeling quite owned enough. He should do it again.

  20. This really fucking sucks but I don’t think this is the last we’ll be seeing of Brendon. I think the chances of him returning to the music world as a solo artist in like 5-10 years are relatively high.

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