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  1. this picture evokes some kind of visceral reaction in the pit of my stomach

  2. do you still get blaanid’s chain blade? i accidentally got rid of mine the first time around

  3. Because Pat Sajak has little dick energy and everyone knows it

  4. i’m not caught up on his lore. what did Pat Sajak do? google is just telling me he made fun of a contestant’s speech impediment. is there anything besides that?

  5. i like that we’re shitting on these people now. a very annoying group

  6. i only have a handful of twitter followers, 8 likes is average for me

  7. i haven’t supported him since his Yeezus album. iirc that’s when he started being outwardly offensive but i can’t remember for sure

  8. i feel like there should be a lot of solidarity between black people and jewish people. both groups have been taken advantage of and used as scapegoats throughout history

  9. If so I’m glad, his movements after the tickle are highly sus, especially given the sub

  10. i remember the tickled guy clip being a very popular vine, so it’s nothing serious

  11. neat. i’m filing this fun fact under “video game lore i would’ve already known if i actually read the dialogue in games”

  12. that too. i should replay that game as an adult

  13. now this is what i call “good old fashioned family values”

  14. i don’t take food from my toddler’s hands either. i’ve seen what she grabs with those grubby lil things

  15. most people i’ve come across that boast about being good people, are actually massive pieces of shit

  16. Your comment is trending on

  17. This is Reddit sir, only feelings we allow here is horny and anger.

  18. his pokemon feet are making me feel horny with rage

  19. yeah it’s that bad. you’re going to hell

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