1. Business graduate and veteran who is pursuing a career in the brotherhood, and eventually my own company someday; are you telling me I have to confine myself to office work my whole life? I don’t quite like this take. I am perfectly comfortable working along side people with lower levels of education, it just provides me an opportunity to mentor. I paid my dues and should retain every right you possess to pursue my own happiness.

  2. I personally believe that U. S. electricians are unable to do so because, uh, some trades out there in our industry don't have blueprints and, uh, I believe that our trades, like such as tinners and, uh, the plumbers, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should—our trades over here in the U. S. should help the U. S., uh, or, should help masons and should help the fitters, and the painters, so we will be able to build up our future, for our apprentices.

  3. Holy shit that is one of the best hidden jokes I’ve ever seen

  4. Just as a heads up, i did my skillbridge with a contractor in my local and when i joined the apprenticeship they didn’t credit me with any OJT i got while on SB (roughly 780+ hrs, all documented) because I wasn’t “getting paid”. So just fair warning don’t expect to keep any of those hours

  5. Oh well that’s fucking shady lol was your contractor a union apprenticeship?

  6. Call the hall. Don't waste your time and money taking unnecessary classes if you can get straight into the apprenticeship.

  7. Well I can’t yet, I’m still serving. I’m just taking night classes in the interim.

  8. 8 gauge romex is rated for 40 amps, so only 32 amps on a continuous load.

  9. How do you determine the continuous load? Is it 125% of the non continuous?

  10. Not a reg that you have to keep it on you, but more of a "you should keep it on you so if anyone tells you to shave you can show them your waiver".

  11. 1st amendment is when it supports something they like. Not when they don’t.

  12. Just bought the backpack for my electrical classes :)

  13. How big is your tractor? Some houses are very strong. Any idea where the septic tank is? Wouldn't want that to cave in.

  14. I’m looking in to a 3038E. Would that be capable of ripping out walls studs and whatever else with a grapple?

  15. you COULD take the tractor to it, but there are some issues, and may be more or less depending on local statutes:

  16. I also don’t want the unsightly hazard around for my kids to explore

  17. Can someone tell me the stats for people who only took one shot but never went and got the second shot for the full dose? I was forced to take it but never went for the second bc of obvious fear.

  18. Yeah for real. Is this a Pfizer/Moderna epidemic? Does JJ fall in the same boat?

  19. How much power does the government have over natural gas infrastructure?

  20. I don’t understand why people think electric is more susceptible to danger than gas. You can make electric with solar… you can’t make gas.

  21. I haven’t yet i’m just using it as a nice decorative piece but if i ever do i’ll do some research on how to properly clean it

  22. Nah just keep it as a decoration. Don’t sully our great state with cuts and stains :p

  23. Bed bath and beyond… or at least that’s where I’ve seen them

  24. Remember when the Department of Justice took Pfizer to court for the largest criminal court case in history and had to pay 2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing? Pepperidge farm members.

  25. Shhhh pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

  26. So... Are we supposed to just keep pretending this shit is normal?

  27. Nothing to see here. Ignore the man behind the curtain.

  28. Would you really want to be matched to a spouse the same way AFPC matches you to an assignment?

  29. You can rematch 3 or 5 years in depending on your contract.

  30. In fact, electricity is the only energy source you can really generate by yourself.

  31. Yeah seriously, get a wind or solar power source and reap the rewards of energy independence.

  32. I do a decent jog and then (power) walk half of a turn as a walk each lap and I do about a 12:00. I need that. That walk is essential to calming my cardio.

  33. New to the electrical field, what do you mean no work? Can I expect to be seasonally unemployed? Cuz that just won't work.

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