1. (Disclaimer: This is my opinion.)

  2. W subreddit, W year, W posts, may Allah reward you for your efforts!

  3. It somewhat does. Animals do indeed change over generations, adapting to their environment. This is fine and is also proven to be true. However, the theory of humans descending from apes and adapting from there on out, is totally against Islam + there is no scientific proof for it since it's just a theory. It'll be fine in sha Allah.

  4. Delete them and go find people in real life.

  5. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but take action brother, sitting home all day is the culprit for most of your symptoms. Go to the mosque, get a part time job. Slowly start getting back into the flow of life. Life is too short to be worrying about the past or the future)). If you have family, spend time with them. Most importantly, get married when you get back into the flow of life. It'll very much help you.

  6. I'm sorry you are in the situation you are in, but you really have to stop labeling yourself with those mental illnesses. You are more than just those labels. You are a person, a human, a man. Humans progress and become stronger. Not the inverse way.

  7. Nothing is impossible brother. If people have done it before, who said you can't?

  8. It's hard. But I'm so happy that achievement.

  9. You should be happy bro. I'm proud of you and this community for being strong men and standing up against this great evil.

  10. in islam we believe that men / women are spiritually equal but they do not have identical roles when it comes to life, like how men are more fit to serve in the military and women being better at nurturing children

  11. that's literally what i said but i got downvoted for it

  12. Probably because of how you worded it

  13. yes, you're right. I worded it a bit agressively, my bad.

  14. Well there is a reason why Japan is a declining nation. Ever since their defeat during the second world war they have no direction as a society.

  15. only thing cool about Japan is its nature and mountains

  16. If you live in the west, do not go and marry someone from 'back home'. Your home is here. You grew up here and are surrounded by the culture of the western world. Life here is much much different than in an eastern country. Most of the time such marriages just don't work. Allah knows best.

  17. I think Smallexplamp might break into the top 10, but isn't on the list

  18. First of all brother, welcome to Islam. Seeing new muslims makes me incredibly happy, and I ask Allah to keep you and us steadfast.

  19. We as the younger generation need to break this with our kids. It does more harm than good with the way it now takes until post 30 to be financially viable for marriage

  20. 30 is a bit exaggerated. If you go for a standard bachelors + masters degree at a university, you'll be 23 or 24 at graduation. Which is fine, but still pretty late.

  21. No one is finishing a masters by 24 and even if they are they won’t be well employed/have significant savings for awhile after that if we’re honest

  22. It depends on where you live and what field you are studying to be honest. I live in the Netherlands, and the university I'm going to offers 3 year-long bachelor programs and 2 year-long masters programs. It's entirely realistic for someone to finish at the age of 23 or 24. It requires hard work and dedication but it's definitely possible. Allah knows best.

  23. They defeated the commies and the Americans through their 20 year long impenetrable defense. I think that's why people like them.

  24. I hate how human rights are now universally used in any situation where no viable argument is able to be used.

  25. You have to keep in mind that cats are predators, and bunnies are prey animals. You'd have to have them in your sight at pretty much all times. Although I must say, a rabbit can break a cat's neck with one kick.

  26. none crafted as of now all of these will be 1 of 1 if i craft them

  27. Ooh I did not know that, that's pretty sick actually. Really good craft + 1 of 1 = insane W.

  28. 1 is a massive W. You don't even have to craft it, just buy one for cheaper on buff

  29. if you don't want to be a coomer, you should stop

  30. No. You can easily get depressed. This game gives such high doses of dopamine that you will stop enjoying real life. Your well being will depend if you got +mmr today or not. Just look how many pros got depressed, or see some popular streamers suffering while trying to grind (and they are paid for it).

  31. life needs balance brother. Playing videogames for 8+ hours a day is not good for you and it WILL make your life miserable.

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