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  1. so does opel and saab, vw, seat, audi and skoda... etc. it's rare that a car brand doesn't share parts tbh

  2. I'm sitting at a neighborhood park in Texas and can see 12 pickups on the street adjoining the park just from where I'm sitting. Yes, they are insanely common here lol

  3. I live in Europe and I don't see a pickup even every week

  4. sorry but that's pretty funny lol

  5. Do you Think these will work. They do say they are for a Suzuki drz

  6. yes they look indentical👍. I needed to slightly needed to file the corner of the bracket to get a better angle for the peg, but the mounting spec is the exact same

  7. can you show me what you did exactly? and just to make sure is it this one?

  8. yeah it's the same one. I don't have the bike anymore so I can't show it, but I think it was just a bit from

  9. Apartment hunting. Can confirm. Only pieces of crap or bad neighborhoods are anything below $1200/M, some one bedrooms are going 5k/M most are $1450+/M here.

  10. you guys have it bad there..I can afford a two bedroom apartment (520€/m) and other essentials solely on unemployment in Europe

  11. Diesel bragging. And then the light turns green.

  12. it's funny that you say that when diesels are great on take off, but suffer on top end

  13. yeah, it'll just be a bunch of bots going through the credentials list with the old ones

  14. I'm over the initial shock and disgust, but it will still never look good in my mind.

  15. yeah sure it'll look decent, but put it next to some older models and it just doesn't look right

  16. käyn äänestämässä aku ankkaa

  17. the m340d touring would be a perfect daily

  18. FYI : As you can hear from the sound of the engine, it is a diesel vehicle. The installed DPF (diesel particulate filter) clog with time. A special chemical or solvent is fed to the DPF, waited a short time and then flushed.

  19. this is the reason my car has DPF removed and EGR disabled.

  20. I thought you were trying to kick start it for a second there

  21. all vips are degenerates and only put shit emotes , imagine having a pink badge in the name :7339:

  22. the game has 93% positive reviews on steam. I don't think anyone really cares

  23. He is making sure his CPU isnt pulled out by his cooler later on.

  24. same. also CTRL for prone for me

  25. I've gotten 83km/h on the speedo 😁

  26. sold my moons for a new keyboard and a mouse 😏

  27. But fresh sprigs taste like spring. An aquired taste, sure, but it is common to eat fir sprigs. There are even recipes for it.

  28. my dad used to put them in vodka.

  29. 369 lb-ft of torque @ 1800 rpm will do that!

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