1. I solved it! The mod is ready! Basically had to start from the beginning, so I made it bigger to spite the prudes.

  2. A deeper hook can help you to avoid touching the other pins. Naturally, the shape of the keyway is what might be a limiting factor.

  3. Thank you, what do u mean by deeper hook?

  4. Yes thank you I'll look into those sets :)

  5. Never played the series, should I try this?

  6. Could you make some with her having normal body proportions? Like how she is in-game? Please?

  7. Ya not dissing on anyone, but I like to see hentai of characters that look like they do in there respective...movie, show, game, whatever. I always hated ones where they make the ass or tits super super large for no reason. I wanna see a lot as she looks in the game.

  8. No I just seen this tool I'm other videos so I decided to finally ask about it, I just didn't know the name of it. This is actually the first time I seen this tool used on a car. Most TikToks and such I seen they used them in master locks and stuff

  9. they only work for a single keyway, they're 50$ at the minimum, and there are better ways to learn lockpicking, if you want to buy picks

  10. Can't say for sure about the boys thing but they did say the horizon rumored show will be a prequel to the events that lead to the destruction of the world

  11. Wait are we talking about the first game or second game?

  12. Yeah that's what the BS stands for, the dlc of the second game (Burning Shores)

  13. Oh I'm sorry ....Bs to me is bullshit lol

  14. As of the S13 finale they aren't together as a full on couple, but their relationship is better. There's a scene at the last episode of S12 that really shows how much they care for each other. Also their relationship with AJ gets better as well.

  15. Does that mean it's much better than it was before they had a fight for that season before he went into a coma cuz they were officially together for a while but I don't know if that means like their connection was better or just fact that they just were together

  16. Yes, even though they still annoy each other they get along pretty well during S13, especially at the end. Again, it's not exactly romantic but it's better then it was before.

  17. I wonder if the writer's ever intended for them to be a couple, get married and all that or simply just be a close relationship.

  18. This looks like a Los Angeles VA Claims Center Notice of Assignment of C-Number (Case Number) VA Form VB3-3145, for a VA Claim submitted by an Honorably Discharged (HD) Veteran named Mr. Garcia (Service Number: 56 102 886) on June 10th, 1958, which was given the case number C 20 700 385, and was processed on June 28th, 1958.

  19. C number is the claim number for this VA claim.

  20. Do u guys have a pic of when you say "trim" or "shaped"

  21. Number 253 Two hundred fifty three.

  22. Oh wow that's more than I expected, thanks very much. If it was two months then same year and that's all I needed.

  23. Her baptism was 18 November 1892. Her name was initially transcribed as Miguela and I've now corrected that. Baptismal records are good because they name other people, such as grandparents, godparents.

  24. That's wonderful, I need to start using family search more....ya she's the sister of my grandpa's mom, trying to find any info I can about my Great grandma's family and she's the only family member besides her parents I can find, so far I ran dry on all 4

  25. It's certainly possible to find out if he officially changed his name, but the only easy way to learn about this is if you find a notice of it published in a newspaper.

  26. Thank you. His birth name Bentura Garcia, misspelled fr om Ventura Garcia

  27. I remember this guy, and I just have to say this is one of the most difficult families I ever tried to research.

  28. I ended up finding his birth cert. Death cert, and original SSN application, all different names ;). In military he used possibly two names but his social only linked to one

  29. Fun fact, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage are all the same species.

  30. Yet people that claim this shit never have proof. Vaccines have come out and millions of people are fine, they are not dying faster then those who had COVID, if anything, the death rate slowed down

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