Iran abolishes morality police: Prosecutor general

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  1. Yo I’m on it I’m TheArshya on psn sent you a request

  2. I’m TheArshya on Psn you can add me if u want ;)

  3. I’m TheArshya on psn I’m down sent you a friend request

  4. I’m TheArshya on psn I’m down sent you a friend request

  5. Sure thing I’m TheArshya on psn sent you a request

  6. I’m TheArshya On PSN If you have mw2 that would be awesome cause I’m stuck on the going dark trophy but if you don’t have it I’m still down

  7. I wish I had it,I like what I saw from the story mode and multiplayer and loved the 2019 game.

  8. And the new characters especially Alejandro they were great

  9. As An Iranian I Can Tell We Love People From All Nations and We are going to kick the islamic government and the dictator out of our country

  10. Trying to get the going dark trophy for mw2 to get the platinum but it’s buggy

  11. Nothing even his voice loss can’t make me forget of what a great and charming voice he has

  12. It’s like sir you don’t have space to eat you are full hurry up eat something you gonna die But for the fix try disconnecting the external drives clear cache restart the console for me it happened once it should get fixed if not I’m gonna give you another solution

  13. We who thought that we have Sydney as main city Brazil as the second country

  14. Sydney? The leaks said brazil and/or cuba right? dont remember Sydney.

  15. Yeah sorry my bad but I’m sure that I heard Brazil back then when we didn’t know that vice city is the main city What I really want from rockstar is to add retro 80’s songs or songs that released in the recent years but has 80’s vibe like blinding lights

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