1. When it comes to the parts you're referring to, you're not wrong. The problem is that that is about 1/3 of the actual story, the rest being taken up with teddy bears, characters acting aimless and having no point (leia/Han and chewie) and a weird space battle directly intercut with the actually engaging and fun finale.

  2. Hey, even with the bad things included or what bogs they movie down still one of my favorites. I think the opening act of Luke trying to rescue Han Solo was great. I actually like Hans character in this movie. I wrote this pretty late at night so I just put down what I thought of in the moment. I’ll make an edit to include other things in the movie that other people don’t like and why I love those moments.

  3. I do remember being blown away by TLJ. But at a technical level it had a lot of flaws with its plotline: Rose as a character may be overhated but that doesn't mean she isn't a badly written and frankly unnecessary character. Finn/Rose and their scenes in Canto Bight could've been fantastic had it not all been made pointless. Such a massive plot hole that didn't need to be a plot hole. And Snoke being unexplained in his origins..c'mon

  4. I think you accidentally read the title wrong.

  5. Yes sir, I still need to beat it. I'm stuck on Nar Shaddaa rn.

  6. That's where I was stuck on for a while as well. Nar Shadaa can take a long time to beat.

  7. Now that I'm home I can offer some commentary, and I've chosen to do so as a separate post here. For the most part I agree with you, and am neutral on a few of your statements. But I want to take the time to talk a bit more about the parts that stood out to me which I disagree with:

  8. You explained the game a lot better than I could have. I made this post at like 2-3 last night so I had a lot of thoughts and I just put down what I got from it without doing tons of research aside from surface level stuff and a couple of videos. So it's pretty sloppy. And that comment about the games being different again made it at night so I was just getting things put down into the post. I started looking more into the differences and it's definitely a different experience. Again my apologies.

  9. The Courtship Of Princess Leia is my favorite Legends novel.

  10. I would say talk to him more. Make plans with him (if you haven't) Try and do more things together.

  11. For me personally, I do it because I want to share my talent of being funny. I used to be a big meme person but I found myself gravitating towards stand up more than memes and those kinds of jokes. Steeping out of my comfort zone is also a reason.

  12. It was a joke about how Dolphin's are actually heartless animals, and how everybody still thinks they're cute.

  13. Good bit, if you punch it up a little and work on some taglines you might have a good tight 5

  14. I've actually started to brainstorm recently about some more jokes I could write down. So I have been doing the same process I used for my other joke, just dumping out everything in my brain, picking some topics, writing the thing with no jokes, then coming back to punch them up.

  15. Wizard. His stats aren’t super great though.

  16. Easily my favorite Star Wars game of all time.

  17. It's tied with TIE Fighter for me, both have nostalgic places in my heart and fortunately both are getting some great fan mods to bring them into modern day graphics and gameplay!

  18. I have some of them installed. Dark forces 2 and mysteries of the Sith are the most underrated of the dark forces line

  19. If you wanna reach those kids on the street, then you gotta do a rap to a hip hop beat.

  20. So I gave my sermon an urban kick

  21. Yes! Agreed! This is my favorite Batman film of all time.

  22. Returns is a good movie that was ahead of its time. Bruce sits alone waiting for the signal shows that he is Batman and Bruce is the mask. The circus angle for Penguin was interesting focusing on him being an outcast wanting revenge. I've read that the villains are mirrors of Batmans own personality. I love having an older guy like Keaton play BatMAN. Pattinson is too young looking. I'm sick of people wanting kid looking superheros. Movies are movies I want a man in late 30's early to mid 40's to be Batman.

  23. The 11 track release is great. They should have swapped the emperor with the Budgie cover. The other 3 bonus tracks are just ok.

  24. I didn't know people still buy cd's.. it's great..

  25. I love CDs because of how they’re mixed. It’s something about the sound of CDs that draws me in.

  26. Looks great! Word of caution from someone who had that desk - be careful. yours looks like its already bowing just a bit from the weight of the computer and you resting your arms on it while playing. mine snapped one day after about a year. Just out of nowhere, I came home one day and my laptop and keyboard were on the floor where it had given out. I dont have animals and i was living alone at the time.

  27. I noticed that. I ordered a new table that should be arriving with some more shelves

  28. Very cool! I'd take those packaged figures on the top right shelf and line them up on the empty wall space in the top left and right with thumbtacks! Use all the space you've got!

  29. Never thought of that. I’m going to do that whenever I get the chance

  30. So glad you picked up that Stormtrooper. Take care of him. It looks like he’s been through a lot.

  31. I would say yes. By a long shot for me.

  32. It was just surface layer dirt. He had a lot of dirt especially in his chest area. So I took a toothbrush to the small crevices I couldn’t get to. With the stains and such he had on him I wiped him down with a wet piece of paper towel. After that didn’t work out great, I just used baby wipes.

  33. It seems to me that those Stormtroopers always got the worst of it, poor fellas always need some sort of TLC

  34. Absolutely. That is what I noticed. It’s sad that stormtroopers get the short end of the stick when it comes to being treated well.

  35. i recently bought all of slipknot’s cd’s and this one is my favorite by far. beautiful controlled chaos

  36. It’s my favorite album of theirs. It’s really good.

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