At this point I've gotta ask - when did the mod team decide they're the end-all-be-all for sub content? When did they decide they're more informed than the users here? Why does the moderation suddenly feel so heavy handed compared to the last 6 months?

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  1. I was downtown once and couldn't make out what was on top of a building, and I actually got frustrated that I couldn't zoom in

  2. Don't know if it's real or not, but pretty sure I've seen some posts about contact lenses that allow this.

  3. The United States and by extension global financial system. The longest running most successful ponzi scheme in human history.

  4. Was it cheap tires that cause it to lose traction like that?

  5. Unlikely that a Ferrari has cheap tires on it to begin with. More likely the tires aren't at an optimal temperature, cold pavement, and a less than ideal road surface either pitted, sand/dust/gravel etc. And driving like an idiot are to blame.

  6. I drive in 1st for both but my God the 1st person for bikes is terrible. Looking down at the road so you can only see half a block ahead, and for some reason with bikes the camera view stays in position going uphill so you're just looking straight down at the road while the bike is inclined. At least with cars the view stays level with the vehicle so you're actually looking up and ahead.

  7. I have a relatively new bed from IKEA and I fucking hate it. It’s a cheap piece of crap. I’ll never buy a bed from ikea again. Anecdotal obviously but I cannot recommend ikea for beds.

  8. Did you buy the mattress at Ikea too? Shouldn't ever take the economical route for a mattress.

  9. I had the same thing happen to me! Now I’m extra cautious around anything of that ilk because I know how fast it can happen!! I think of it anytime I use a circular saw… 😬

  10. I didn't actually witness the event, but my buddy from highschool took a circular saw to the face. He was cutting tin and it bucked and somehow spun around and cut him from his cheekbone just under the eye all the way to the clavicle. Something like 170 stitches. Circular Saws have terrified me ever since.

  11. Know what the real kicker is? I live in Canada, our free health care is fucking awesome, but it still has its faults. He sat in the emergency room for hours with a towel wrapped around his head and neck, and the only reason they took him in was because he removed the towel and started bleeding all over the floor. He became a biohazard and had to be brought in.

  12. Hope you can share what the pieces are.

  13. The vest is an Aramid Enhanced High-Collar Military Vest.

  14. I'm at work at the moment, not sure if I'll be able to hop on tonight unfortunately. I know for sure it's a Netrunner suit for the Torso underlayer, Militech Neotach Pants, and Weathered Combat Boots but I'm not sure what the vest is off the top of my head. I'll update as soon as I can though!

  15. Idk how to min max in was just asking about what you guys thought for stats

  16. I think the only reason people tend to get kind of short when people ask this question is because it's dependent on your playstyle, and what weapons you plan on using. If you don't give that info, the question is a hard one to answer.

  17. My VW Golf GTI with custom exhausts? Thanks man i think so too.

  18. Had a "Stage 3" Mk7 GTI a few years ago, best and most fun car I've owned. I'm thinking of selling my Gladiator and getting back into one. Was always fun gapping the big 3 muscle cars: Camaro/Mustang/Challenger in my little economy hatchback.

  19. Hey I had a question if you could answer it? I'm thinking of buying a Series X how well does Ark splitscreen run? Does it ever crash or lag out I'm asking since on my Xbox One S it does tend to lag and crash often.

  20. I haven't had too many issues, most of the crashes we've had are going in and out of caves with a bunch of dinos but it hasn't been enough to be bothersome. I don't think I've ever had it lag out though.

  21. Your tax dollars hard at work...branding acronyms. Is there a pentagon division that does this?

  22. I mean the Pentagon just failed another audit and can't account for 60% of its assets. Over $2 Trillion taxpayer dollars has disappeared and Americans don't seem to give a fuck. We expect them to be responsible?

  23. It's not that we don't give a fuck; It's what the fuck are we supposed to do?

  24. Money runs the world. Start paying attention to the financial system and how it operates, educate yourself on how it actually works instead of saying "finance and economics are too complicated, I'll leave it to Wallstreet to pick my stocks for me through an IRA." "They" have been stealing from the working class for decades through things like arbitration, payment for order flow, beneficiary ownership etc. The U.S. free market is the longest standing ponzi scheme in history and "they've" done a really good job of diverting the publics attention away from it through identity politics, feeding the flames of Covid Vax shit etc. These institutions own the media, and it's a well oiled propaganda machine.

  25. I live in Bondi Australia and its gettingn pricey here too. I literally cannot even afford to die in Bondi. Current cemetery plot around here is mid six figures

  26. Who opts to get buried these days? Throw my body in a cardboard box and burn the bitch, use the ashes to fertilize a tree or something.

  27. Just some are worse than others. I took serious pleasure in killing those snuff makers with the kid

  28. I only off the son, the voice acting there is some of the best in the game. Almost felt bad for the guy... almost.

  29. Why did I read this in the voice of "Gooood morning Night City! Yesterday's body count lottery rounded out to a solid and sturdy thirty!"

  30. I myself would love 3rd person. I would love having options to actually chrome the fuck up. I just don't see it happening. Not in any official capacity anyway. I prefer to keep my expectations in check.

  31. I don't like playing in third person, but a few third person cutscenes would be awesome. Maybe at some of the more tense or emotional moments. Just so I can see my character a bit more.

  32. What I want is the ability to toggle between like an elder scrolls or fallout type thing. That would be ideal.

  33. Of for sure, I can understand why some people prefer third person. I'm always switching in FO4 and ES, but only to see my character, gameplay is always first person. I don't think we'll ever get a full third person, but I think cutscenes might be doable.

  34. If you don't like live service games thats perfectly okay man, don't play them or purchase the live service items. Games like FO76 have ways of earning the extra content if you want to put the time in to get them. But it costs money to build and create digital assets and to keep servers running. Studios still need to pay their employees, and games these days cost millions of dollars to make. It seems "gamers" these days just want everything for free. You paid the $80 and you got the $80 worth of content. Want more content? You have to pay for it. It's not 2002 anymore dude, you have games that are constantly being updated and worked on, DLC's and live service games that run for a decade. The revenue from these items is what keeps these games running and being added to. Are some studios scummy about it? Sure. But the fan base usually gets them to reverse those shitty decisions or dissuade them from doing it again. There are always going to be money hungry c-suite executives and investors. That's never going to change, it's on the player base to keep them honest and fair unfortunately. But it's not the NFT's and micro-transactions that are the problem.

  35. I was using the royal "you". Wasn't pointing fingers or anything, sorry if I offended. But what it seems like you're saying is that if you pay the original $80 for the base game you should get any and all skins/items that are added post-release for free? And are only willing to pay for game sized DLC?

  36. Mods are strutting their control. They have to protect their brand name and keep their customers(us) passive. It's been getting so bad so fast. Why do we care so hard about admin rules when we could migrate and start fresh. Once jsmar left that was the final warning about this place. Did you see how quick they swept that up and went hush hush. Really makes you think. There isn't even a single mod left that isn't brand new and basically unheard of. Gotta ask yourself why.

  37. Wait, I didn't even know he left.. granted I don't pay attention to the mod team much.

  38. There’s a long driftwood piece in the middle 😭 hard to see

  39. Move large plants to the back, add smaller plants to the front. Maybe rotate the long driftwood so it stands more upright to one side of the tank and add another shorter piece on the other side. Gives some verticality and depth to the scape.

  40. gamble to gme to superstonk whats the third im missing?

  41. The Jungle was made after some mod drama here. I'm in both, although I certainly spend more time here.

  42. I got my first red ring the day I brought home Mass Effect 1 and put it in the tray. Fuck, that was a long wait.

  43. Christmas day when I popped in Dragon Age Origins for the first time.

  44. I feel like theres no real harm in transferring over to Book. Just make sure you’re transferring whole numbers over.

  45. Right? It's not like it's any more difficult to sell a book share than a plan share. Really odd that it's so heavily debated for no good reason.

  46. So you are saying the last two quarters of direct CS purchases weren’t actually counted?

  47. A lot of mental gymnastics going on here, so I'm going to take it in good faith.

  48. Hey man, I have spent too long helping the ncpd to be just another criminal. I'm at least a vigilante.

  49. Man have you seen subsimulatorgpt2 here on Reddit? I had no idea AI bots were that fucking advanced. I thought it was just spam bots that you could tell were bots, but some of those I'd be hard pressed to tell they weren't real people. Scary shit.

  50. I stopped playing COD after Black Ops 2, even then I had to put the bots on beginner to get more kills then deaths. 😅

  51. Listening to Major Crimes while riding through a rainy Night City is just wayyy too good.

  52. For me it's Night City by REL. That on a rainy night makes me feel some shit.

  53. Posting about GME on IG always got me shadow banned as my views dropped dramatically. You don't get shown to people the way you would.

  54. I'm only on IG and it's a private account with maybe the 500 or so people I went through highschool with. I haven't noticed a drop in any views, but I restrict myself to "fixing" provocative headlines and memes:

  55. Can you try to find the url in your browser history and then see if anyone saved a copy on archive.org?

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