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  1. CP3 is back probably next game

  2. PepsiCo (PEP) is a great stock to own because it owns so many brands. FritoLays (Lays, Cheetos, Doritos, Ruffles), Quaker Oats, Lipton, Gatorade, Bully, Cracker Jack etc.

  3. Yep. Was the fastest thing I could use. I’ve ordered a nicer privacy film sticker to replace the ugly black Bristol board.

  4. I'd suggest a doorbell camera and an anti theft doorbell camera mount so that you can see who's there and get motion alerts on your phone.

  5. RJ Barrett and Dillon Brooks are brothers from another mother

  6. Pick up Dennis Smith Jr

  7. Can someone explain “I guess the student surpassed the teacher” - I feel like there is a double meaning I’m not getting

  8. Adidas is the teacher and Kanye is the student. Founders of Adidas were members of the Nazi party, Kanye made antisemitic statements to make Adidas drop him.

  9. Not trying to being Devil’s advocate here but don’t you think they (Bud) would’ve had contingency plans considering Qatar is a dry nation?

  10. Let’s keep it tastefully toxic and remember that no matter what happens in this game thread, we are all praying for the Celtics downfall vs the Pels tonight

  11. ESPN doesn't know what day it is and has NBA Wednesday graphics up

  12. I don’t know why you got down voted for this but I have been seeing “how can she slap” all over Reddit and had no idea where it came from, so thank you.

  13. Big 12 - there's still time to pick up Tulane!

  14. The only threat against black people are black people. In general. Is there racism, sure there is, but no one is killing black people more than black people.

  15. Let me guess, you also say blue lives matter but won't say black lives matter?

  16. Why would you assume something crazy like that? Do you think only one demographic believes what I said? I didn’t say anyone had to like it but it is true. Just go to Chicago and look around.

  17. Statistically, the police kill a whole lot of black people.

  18. Jon + his brother = one of the most powerful sibling duos the world had seen in a long time.

  19. They'll just attack Jon like they usually do and say that he hates himself.

  20. And you’re condoning antisemitism because you drafted someone in fantasy basketball, you knob.

  21. Kyrie is not “charged” with anything. He did a dumb thing and now he’s facing the consequences. He was basically given a PIP, which I’m sure you’ll learn about someday. He could already be back, but clearly he’s dragging his feet. It’s his own fault he’s not playing. There was a very clear list of things he needed to accomplish. But it’s clear he’s not interested in doing that.

  22. https://giphy.com/gifs/Mous21IAhJQiI

  23. The ADL is a right wing lobbying group with the veneer of a civil rights organization.

  24. He's not even the oldest senator- Dianne Feinstein of California is a few months older than him and she's still in office!

  25. It still baffles me that people make pro-Trump/anti-Biden such a strong part of their identity. Same goes with the pro Biden anti trump mentality.

  26. It's one sided, I've never seen pro biden trucks or anti trump trucks. Same with vehicles with tons of Trump 2020 flags - I still see those but never see a vehicle with Biden flags.

  27. It’s like the next generation doesn’t want to bring back the 3/5ths accord or slavery and wants to keep giving bodily autonomy a priority as well as women the right to vote. Who would have guessed it?

  28. We need more parties too, 2 party rule sucks.

  29. Florida is a no woke zone per desantis

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