1. You joke but I would be legitimately scared to say, well, anything in that house.

  2. Your progress seems to change at a fixed rate in E to B+, and is only affected by other players in A, S, and ♾️.

  3. Do you know if S rank is higher than A? Win a match in B+ and went straight to rank S

  4. Yes, S is higher than A. Your win/loss ratio is tracked from E to B+ and you're assigned a rank from it. S0-S9 is essentially A30-A39.

  5. So called free thinkers when their pet does a stretch

  6. This crap looks frickin sucky. I'm going to be playing COD on my Xbox.

  7. I don't understand this. Is bitcoin supposed to be the future of finance? If so, why is it still revolving around fiat currency?

  8. This happened to me when I moved to Germany. I had to go out and buy a separate 3DS charger.

  9. My guess is that they didn't want to have to resize every hat for every body type. They should have imo

  10. I never understood this. "You got 10,000 strands of hair and unlocked the gold hair" hair? Bedazzled teeth? Like, does he know he's not getting any attention otherwise or something?

  11. I dunno either. I don't know why they named the sub tiktokCRINGE instead of tiktokREPOSTS if that's what they wanted it to be lol Seems more likely the mods got tired of removing posts like this one, so just changed the rules.

  12. They wanted to change the content of the sub, but you can't change subreddit names.

  13. Bruh you actually got me for a good second

  14. Each subreddit can set a default comment sorting option specific to that sub (for example, a Q&A sub might want to auto-sort by Q&A). Ask the mods.

  15. Try entering the year and then the date.

  16. Nah fr why do they make your guy sit like a slut?😭😭

  17. No, it's a ball going into a hole, something you'll never see in real life /s

  18. ngl i was waiting to see if a ban email would appear at the end

  19. You could try joining the queue at the exact same time. I've gotten matched with people in the discord multiple times in the past.

  20. This might happen when your Joy-cons end up uncalibrated. Try laying them down for 5 seconds when this happens.

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