1. The whole purpose of a home theater is for personal enjoyment. If you like your TV placement, then ignore everyone harping on it. Looks slick.

  2. I'd argue that's the point of a living room, or a den, or a bar, etc. But a home theater's purpose is to replicate the audio and visual experience that is meant to be by the directors/producers. So--dark room, proper speaker placement, proper viewing angles and distances, etc.

  3. I totally get that, but ultimately, it is up to the owner of that home to get the ultimate satisfaction for their money. If this is what works for them, then what right do we have to say that they are not doing it right. To each their own. They have all the info necessary here for what constitutes a 'proper theater'. It is up to them to configure it as they see fit for their needs. After all, they are the ones who are going to be watching it, not you, or me.

  4. Everything should go to the AVR first. Should only need eARC for internal apps on the TV. This TV will not pass DTS at all, either by eARC or ARC.

  5. This was the issue. I made the change and it works perfectly now. Thanks!

  6. I'll take the road less traveled. I am so psyched for this movie, and have been for years. Avatar is on my permanent rewatch list (at least 2-3 times per year), and it never gets old, especially now that I have my own home theater. Avatar rocks. I love the visuals (of course), but also the story (who gives a shit if there are similar stories... not everything has to be 100% original), the characters, and the world of Pandora. Pour all the Avatar you can on me. Sequels forever!

  7. You could wait until the R3 Meta drops, beyond that the current pricing is probably as good as it gets NiB.

  8. I looked into this a bit, but was unable to find any info on the R3 Meta. There was a couple of reddit threads from April/June asking when they were going to be released, but no info on the R3 Metas themselves.. Is there any info or specs out there that you can share? Thanks.

  9. Nothing concrete on timing but they have stated they would update their line "over time" with Meta tech. The LS50 is a bit unique in their product hierarchy, they consider it a "flagship" so it went LS50/Blade>Reference and most are assuming the R line is next. Up to you if you want to wait but catching a hot clearance deal is usually the best NiB savings one can find.

  10. Thanks for the info. I'm just going to spring for the current R3s. I mean, I'm already happy with the q150s, but would love to see what I'm missing. Buying a set of metas in the future wouldn't be an issue, but I have a feeling I'll be more than happy with the R3s.

  11. Oh man, I feel sorry for you. I've been super burned out and apathetic about Star Wars the last several years. I gave Andor a try based on all the glowing, seemingly 'planted' reviews on here. It seems like every scene I find myself saying, "wow, that was really well done". It easily my favorite show atm. It is every bit as good as everyone is saying. The rest of Stars Wars outside of the original trilogy, and perhaps Rouge One just kinda sucks.

  12. I get. Seriously. Lots of people really enjoy the show. I'm just burned out on SW. And there's nothing but time away from SW to correct that. No amount of suggestions is going to cure SW fatigue syndrome. I mean no offense by that, but I've just no interest in it.

  13. Yeah, I totally hear hear you. It's funny, but my first thought to your reply was, "that's probably the best attitude to have going in to watching it", lol. That's exactly how I felt going in. It just makes it a pleasant surprise. You'll take the time you need away from it though. Just know that you have something truly special waiting for you when you decide to dive back in.

  14. Avatar is a movie you watch once. Unlike T2, you will never desire to see Avatar again.

  15. Funny, I just got back from seeing it in the theater. This was probably my 10th time seeing the movie, and it was great.

  16. I shot my 1911 next to a canyon wall with no hearing protection. I spent the next 2 hours thinking I was going to be deaf for life.

  17. I'll go against the grain here. I fucking love Avatar. I watch it at least 4 times a year. I don't care if it's Dances with Wolves in space or Ferngully or whatever else. I love the feel of the movie, the visuals, audio... all of it. I'm psyched for the next one.

  18. Well I think a lot of the comments are saying the same thing. It was a great movie for the feels, the visuals, the audio... the spectacle. But as for the story writing, themes, character development... pretty okay. So plenty of people watched it, maybe multiple times, but apparently common to not remember any of the character names.

  19. I'll go a step further then and say that I enjoyed all of those too. It doesn't have to be original to be good.

  20. The government isn’t inseminating anyone, so they aren’t forcing anyone to give birth.

  21. They aren't inseminating anyone, so they aren't forcing anyone to get PREGNANT. Big difference.

  22. Yes, the childish psychopath that drove over to protect a random property during a riot with a gun, as a vigilante. If he didn’t play vigilante, lives would not have been lost. This is the problem with thinking you can go play soldier.

  23. He was invested in that community. He did good for that community. He went to protect that community because the cops wouldn't. Lives wouldn't have been lost if there was no riot in the first place. I'll side with the person trying to do good and protect versus those just trying to destroy. But you do you.

  24. So tell me your thoughts on the cops who were protecting the Capitol during the riots.

  25. Let's stop playing poker and start playing some chess. We need robo umps now.

  26. Realizing it wasn't just a gimmick.

  27. Yo momma so fat, when she did skydiving, people thought it was armageddon.

  28. Yo mama so fat, she got smaller fat women orbiting around her.

  29. Imagine acting like this and screaming and yelling and doing a curtain call for a first inning home run in the first week of the season. Pure and utter cringe. Act like you’ve done it before.

  30. Sure they do. A lot of people lost a lot of money because of this miscommunication. He has every right to be upset.

  31. Ramp fees that they would not have done otherwise.

  32. Yes. But you don’t really need the L1 wallet. Just get the L2, which is free.

  33. It depends on what he wants to do. If he wants guardians and the ability to move coin off of L2, he needs the full wallet.

  34. Just out of curiosity when did you get your wallet if you don't mind me asking.

  35. About a month ago. Gas was super high before that. I waited a long time until gas dropped to ~40 gwei, then jumped on it.

  36. This guy did some serious dd for us. Your an idiot.

  37. The classic "your an idiot". Gotta love it.

  38. Plenty of people have been getting these.

  39. No idea how. I’ve tried to open so many never received anything! Even if you open it right when I he timer ends. Same result!

  40. I've gotten a few of them. It's just timing and luck. There are likely hundreds to thousands of people trying to open at the same time. Who gets it and who doesn't is probably determined by hundredths of a second. Just keep trying.

  41. Lol, I found it. Keep the change...

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