1. So lovely to hear from you again. I've just been waiting by the phone every day wondering when you would write.

  2. You know perfectly well you never had a Reddit account. Why do you persist in this delusion that you have access to a computer? You have never had access to a computer.

  3. I don't like the Deadpools, Free Guy, Adam Project, Red Notice, X-Men Origins Wolverine, Green Lantern, or Blade Trinity

  4. Americans (English speakers?) can be oddly squeamish about such things.

  5. As good as the telling is, the execution of the gag is exquisite.

  6. I have a theory that HBO has been waiting several years for this moment. What's going to happen is that every service institutes restrictions on password sharing and all over America families make tough choices as they are forced to reduce from 5 channels to 3 channels, or 3 channels to 1 channel, and most people decide that HBO is the one they can't live without.

  7. Griffin finally got his 70s Altman Mini and the chance to do the bit with the Queen of England and they replaced him with McElroy 😭😭😭

  8. Queen Elizabeth: I spent my adolescence in England.

  9. Come to think about it the A one would be kind of a contradictory oxymoron based on the phrasing so I change my answer to being D and only D.

  10. Unfortunately your version of A still carries with it the idea that it is hard to talk about, i.e. requires some momentum from the group. This is the definition of something that is hard to talk about. The correct answer is D.

  11. Viking is owned by Penguin Random House, and I do copyediting for them. I put in an email to one of my supervisors there.

  12. So if Mr. Dreyer has anything to say about this memoir, we’ll get 200 pages on I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE :)

  13. That's a very good connection to draw. I consult the PRH style guide frequently and there are plenty of Broadway references in there....

  14. For some reason All the President's Men has this effect on me. Close Encounters, Jaws. The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds, This is Spinal Tap, Se7en (could just be me on that one), No Country for Old Men. A number of these are dark/violent but the way they are done gives me such satisfaction.

  15. Yeah. Also like pacing, cinematic craft. Integrity on all levels.

  16. If they eventually do Coppola and don't get him on, it would be a major bummer

  17. It is correct and doing that is absolutely classic German sentence manipulation. Good luck!

  18. For an English speaker -- you are perhaps a French speaker. But as I say for an English speaker a French newspaper is far easier to comprehend due to the fact that many of the meatier words in French are actually English, that is to say English took them from French. I'm looking at the front page of Le Monde right now and right away I see mobilisation, contestation, "polluants éternels," condamné, information, etc. These are all easy for English speakers to discern. Not all the words are like that but they are there.

  19. Even this is too serious. It's closer to, there's certain kinds of mentality that refuse to try to boil a problem down to a simpler form.

  20. Reminds me of that piece of wisdom from the Siddhartha:

  21. I meant to mention this on the main pod thread. This song is one of my main memories of the movie (which I saw in the theater). It was in the advertising and it did succeed in getting me hyped for the movie. I was an indie rock guy in his mid 20s and I am realizing I was square in the middle of the (tiny) demographic this movie was aiming for (even to the point of not finding the movie very weird).

  22. My best friend (going strong since '96!) got me into Beck right about this time- I was kind of a punk and metal guy- and it's one of my few 90s fandoms that's stuck with me through all my musical (and subcultural) travels. This was probably the first new Beck song after I really got hooked, it was exciting at the time! Had kind of forgotten about it though (and never did see the movie), until recently when another friend gifted me a handful of Beck 7" singles and this was one of them. Great track and aside from the movie stuff (which is fine), it's a great video. Beck at the height of his powers, really. I'm still a fan, but I feel like his post-Sea Change work has never quite had the magic.

  23. I had a persistent issue lately of mixing "Deadweight" up with I think "The New Pollution" to the point that I talked myself into the idea that no, of course they didn't debut a new Beck song with this movie, they used something off of Odelay. But they did do that.

  24. I won't be surprised if Blanchett will win but I think Yeoh is the frontrunner now. The EEAAO love is just so big and I think that will carry her over the line.

  25. I think you're probably right. Cate seems a bit embarrassed at the prospect of becoming a three-time winner and has (as noted in the pod) actively been bringing up other people and (I think) not appearing at Oscar events too much etc.

  26. Their membership is super cheap(like half what Regal is) so I save a ton of money considering I go all the time

  27. Hell yeah. You also get 1 free tickets a month so I'm pretty sure it pays for itself instantly. And no, Cinemark is not paying me to say all this lol.

  28. Yeah, what you just said. I realized that if they really do give you a free ticket per month then the reduced concessions pricing etc. are gravy. The Cinemark near me has 24 screens so I can always find something.

  29. I always thought it was Dinger of the Rockies, but then I learned that they found a triceratops skull as they were building the stadium.

  30. I'm a Guardians fan, I moved to Cleveland as an adult and adopted the team then. I despise Slider and all of my friends here seem unable to understand why he's so terrible. I was hoping they would use the excuse of the name change to kill Slider but no such luck. I think all my friends have Stockholm Syndrome.

  31. I figured is like saying "i knew that." Or "i guessed"

  32. It doesn't seem like that much of a puzzle to me. The last 50 movies I watched on Letterboxd, I gave hearts to all but 4. The 50 before that, all but 3. I don't "know" I'm going to like them but I do expect to like them.

  33. Ebenfalls ist für mich bissl österreichischer als gleichfalls, aber eigentlich ist‘s egal.

  34. Gut zu wissen, ich verbring' viel Zeit in Österreich und sag öfters "gleichfalls." Bin kaum in Deutschland.

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