1. 900 calories AND 2 hours of cardio?! Then you lost 1 lb per day?! And your coach told you to do this?!!

  2. It’s a pretty common practice in competing. Are there other and better ways to do it? Absolutely. At the end of the day, I chose to follow that coaches program. I also switched coaches after no progress for months and the new coach (better coach) doubled calories for a week. But we did go back to the same program but only for a couple more weeks.

  3. I've competed for years and work in the industry and I've never seen net calories THAT low before. Even 2 hours of just walking, on the conservative side, you'd be burning somewhere around 500 calories, so at the end of the day you'd only end up with 400 calories left over just for your body to go about functioning. Common or not, it's extremely dangerous and the sign of a coach who has absolutely no clue what they're doing.

  4. It’s the Team Heugly regular. He puts a good amount of clients on that plan.

  5. I heard much of the same things you posted. Never used him as a coach but in the few years I’ve been competing feedback gets trickled thru the grapevine. What I heard that you mentioned:

  6. Her posing help was not great at all! They just get so many seasoned competitors who already know how to pose.

  7. May I also DM you about him? I'm thinking about looking for a lifestyle coach in the next year.

  8. Any new coach you go to…make sure you ask a few clients that left, why they left before you join

  9. Complain to your PML. If they do their job they should be helping you resolve this and express your concerns. I had a super toxic manager on a project and I talked to my PML and she fixed it immediately.

  10. This… seems like a “your office” problem.

  11. 5 is so important. It took me a while to realize we try for deadlines but the world won’t collapse if we are late on deadlines.

  12. I think this article is one of many that are going to come out about this industry and I think that’s great. It’s really bothered me that the ifbb seemed to turn a blind eye to Sexual Assault allegations against coaches, not doing much about competitor deaths that come from trying to achieve looks that are placed well, etc….

  13. Deanna's top placing is confusing. Am I the only one who thinks she couldn't go pro at a national show with her look? Meanwhile she placed at pro shows? Inconsistent...

  14. I don’t know that anything’s changed, Deanna won it last year. They place by who shows up. I agree that she lacks a balanced look but her back shot is pretty strong and I think that’s helping her placings a lot. I think she would still get her pro card at most National shows with her back shot.

  15. My friend worked with her and didn’t like her. She said her check ins were super vague, she gave no guidance, her macros were the same for 6mo and she made no progress.

  16. Almost seems like someone paid the bot accounts to do that on LLs posts….I wonder if we know someone who would do something like that

  17. Other than the Ashley K complaint she made well over a year ago, what else do people not like about her? I thought she was overall a solid coach and a decent human? I've seen Jen Dorie's video from last year's Arnold where Jourdanne seemed genuinely really hyped for Jen and I've seen her being supportive of other competitors here and there. She's not that active on social media I guess. So I'm really curious why people dislike her so much.

  18. I heard from others on here she was extra pushy on PEDs. Like on consult calls, you need to take something or you won’t be successful

  19. That's weird because I remember her bragging about being a natural athlete

  20. I know…I said the same thing when I saw that but several people confirmed they experienced it first hand. I guess she did another podcast where her tone on PEDs was totally different too. I only listened to the one where she said she wouldn’t coach enhanced athletes

  21. right…like why does this matter? LL has never said she doesn’t take PEDs. Idrc about other people speaking for her saying she doesn’t

  22. Thank goodness for a break from the LL James stuff! But agree! I think this seems like potentially she could get her O qualification but we will see. I’m sure jourdanne and Jessica will be in the top spots.

  23. yeah, i’m really rooting for her, she has one of my favorite physiques this year! but i think it’ll be hard to beat jourdanne especially with the momentum she has coming off of arnold uk and legions

  24. Idk if Jourdanne has been able to hang with LL/Janet/Isa like Liana has though.

  25. From what I can gather you are using a waist trainer in replacement for a lifting belt? Unless it's unrelated and you just want a waist trainer. Honestly you don't really need either especially if you're competing in bikini. If you find belts uncomfortable just don't use one and learn to brace. Waist trainers also has shown inconclusive long term results.

  26. Are you hoping to do in person check ins and train with him? Just speaking from personal experience, I hired someone local but it was the exact same as hiring someone from another state

  27. i had a positive experience with him. being an amateur, i am almost positive i didn’t receive as much attention as his pro athletes. however, he is timely with checkins- but with not much detail & is scarce with compliments until you really do look competitive. but honestly i wasn’t looking for a best-friend, i was looking for a good and honestly, tough coach. he gave that impression and i know i personally like some tough love. i had claire and angeline as my posing coaches. i’m not sure if claire still teaches as a part of his team, but she was amazing and taught me a lot. also extremely patient and kind. the one downside i would say he is very expensive, and posing is not included. when you think about it you really don’t get much out of what you pay for. i would say his methods are a little old school bodybuilding type. it definitely got unhealthy. but in bodybuilding you have to be willing to accept not being at your healthiest point in life at times. the prep was hard, for sure, but it was also the best i’ve ever looked and as a result, most confident i’ve ever felt with my shape. i also appreciated that he allowed for me to choose my own exercises to do during my lifts. if you needed it, he gave guidance but being a personal trainer myself, i appreciated not feeling restrained to following a workout program i knew didn’t feel right for me. (not all exercises allow for good mind to muscle connection for everyone) so it depends what you want out of a coach/prep really. he will certainly push you to try and achieve your best possible physique, but if you want a different method, like tracking macros or a limit to how much cardio you will be put on, i would say look elsewhere.

  28. Appreciate this. There’s a lot of hate around him (justifiably so) but at the end of the day, he does do a good job understanding the division and his athletes look great - when they aren’t too lean. One of his girls trains at my gym, she’s just an amateur and he rarely posts her but the fact that she looks as good as she does tells me he pushes his amateurs too.

  29. I really miss the drama free days of Angelica T . The personal drama has left such a bad taste for me , it has put me off competing . Where I once looked up to all 3 especially LL and also Aldo ( when he was more ‘ normal ‘) in this stupid ongoing saga , I now find them all to be despicable .

  30. Jenn Dorie left James and didn’t have ANY of this. By just ignoring him 👌🏼 great rep for the sport

  31. I am amazed that these people dont have better things to do

  32. So many new pros are doing so well! Love to see it, Ive loved kaylins look since she was an amateur (not so long ago)

  33. Does anyone know the order they list the names in in the 2nd pic? Just curious because it doesnt look like its alphabetical or by country!

  34. I think who ever runs this IG page just made it and adds to it as people qualify

  35. All Muscle Contest shows do swords, Wasatch Warrior does a giant Thor Hammer, Sasquatch does a really funny but kinda strange giant Big Foot trophy, shows that “Superman” promoted does a Samurai Sword, Wyoming shows do Battle Axes, Spectrum shows do Tiaras and medals. There’s some cool awards I’m forgetting as well that pop up throughout the year like “Golden Tickets” as well that give you trips to Nationals paid such as Sampson Productions shows.

  36. I thought you hated this Reddit board? Happy a coach is joining but just recall you making comments disliking this board

  37. Defnotnicktrigili always does! My all time favorite poster in this thread

  38. Same. Dying to know who he is but I know that’s forbidden 😂

  39. I thought it actually was Nick trigilli so I DMd the actual NickTrigilli when he was asking for stories and I was like “what about all the bikini drama?!” And he was like huh? LOL

  40. Jenn, LL, Maureen, Janet, Ashley and Isa (if they all come on point). That is an extremely competitive call out but as others mentioned…I’ll be rooting for Jenn! I’m also interested to see how all these new Olympians are going to do, maybe one of them will slip in that too call out!

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