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  1. well obviously they have - i just meant on the level of invading another country or something like russia did

  2. China has openly stated their intent on invading Taiwan, and have been running assault by sea Military drills all year.

  3. Oh get real... Talk about an ignorant statement when faced with the current colonialist countries in the showcase... Honestly think before you type. Russia would be a great addition to the showcase... a predator among peers... If you want to be real.

  4. Disney Channel themed park. Phineas and Ferb’s giant rollercoaster, Perry the Platypus secret agent training, Descendants dance party, Gravity Falls mystery shack, Raven’s Home Scut (faux-Uber) ride, Bunk’d camping land.

  5. You’ve given away your age with that post.

  6. Yea this is absolutely stupid obviously, guy is dumb as hell and has no idea what he was actually quoting as do most free citizens. But does this really warrant the police breaking into his vehicle, dragging him out, and throwing him in jail for 2 weeks?

  7. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I ditch my slip covers on all my media. I just put them in totes in my attic, for safe keeping.

  8. Went in to big lots yesterday, and they had Life on bluray marked down to $2.50 on clearance. Worth a look if you have a big lots nearby and want a physical copy.

  9. The guys were on the ground, hands on their head. The one man who refused, and reasonably deserved to die, was well above them. How hard is it to aim center mass and not lower at the legs? Also, he was off to the side, nothing more than an execution of the POWs

  10. Easy to say sitting behind a screen on Reddit, in person when the bullets start flying at you, things aren’t so cut and dry.

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