1. Mikey driving a car is one of the scariest things ever.

  2. Came here to say the same. I live in LA and was already following Mikey. Any time I’d see his IG with him driving, I legit was always scare to drive.

  3. Are you like around 30? I think it's around this age that everyone just leaves you, moves away, marries someones and just forget about you. All you have at this point is like the people you see at work, but if you work remotely then that's a no go either. Exceptions are the people with social skills who can easily talk to anyone.

  4. Yeah, I’m 35. I’ve known this would kinda happen. Just feel far worse than expected. Truth is Covid sorta pressure cooker me further into this isolation.

  5. Offer him 0. The only amount worth giving him is less than what it cost to ship so he has negative profits.

  6. LMFAO he couldn’t remember to say what role he was auditioning for after saying his name and where he’s from, he had to record it separately and edit it in.

  7. He said it! He actually said it! 🥳🤩🤯🤌🏽

  8. I think his “personal video requests” are the most infuriating things from him (aside from the sex pest he is).

  9. Miles & Miles Enterprises Productions Inc, LLC, bonded and licensed.

  10. This always kills me, it’s so funny.

  11. I hate every time this one comes around.

  12. His ability to rant for 5 minutes and no information actually ever comes out is an art form.

  13. Um, proof that he's a sexual predator???????

  14. Is this sarcasm or an actual question?

  15. Lol cool. Sorry, wasn’t sure. There’s a lot of people out there that don’t know the real MM.

  16. Wait, he bought a hair dryer? LMFAO

  17. OMG, fucking priceless. Classic Mikey.

  18. Though I did laugh out loud to this, it is a compliment he doesn’t deserve.

  19. Overall, he has been lacking actual consequences for his actions. It’s pretty upsetting.

  20. time to go see what he was posting about in july 2021!

  21. Ooooh smart. I would do this except that he posts so fucking much.

  22. A “talent” he discovered. Hard to call anything he does as “talent”.

  23. I came here to say the same things. This post annoyed the fuck out of me.

  24. Con: possibly getting him fired is kind of fucked

  25. Na. If anything now we’re going back to shitty content. With no income he has no money to spend to do things. We were just about to break out of the loop and back into real Mikey content.

  26. Oh, I thought this was something that actually happened.

  27. “If she was a spice she would be flour”

  28. The flour is one of the absolute best ones.

  29. He set this up. He put the items together on the dirty napkin, took the picture, and thought “nailed it”.

  30. Out of the loop. Does anyone know where he works now .

  31. Outback steak house, which confirms why he uses the term “guests”. That was bothering me since I don’t think a fast food place would train their employees into calling them that.

  32. Calling customers “guest” throws me off though.

  33. Our boys been fired from outback steak house already i reckon. His last couple of vids give me 'ive been fired (again)' vibes.

  34. A guest as in a customer at McDonald’s?

  35. This is what throws me off on the fast food theory.

  36. I really hate the way he says “I really am just a kid from New York”. He says it like we’re suppose to be impressed by it.

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