A part of the human population can voluntarily control the tensor tympani. tensor tympani is a muscle within the ear. Contracting this muscle produces vibration and sound. The sound is usually described as a rumbling sound.

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  1. PSA: do not and I repeat do not buy the new BBQ flavored Doritos. I was stoned as hell and they STILL tasted like shit

  2. AAPL, MSFT, TXN for stocks and then QQQM, VOO, SCHD, XSD, VXUS -

  3. Yeah same, totally-not-an-advert guy!

  4. That is a fantastic trigger warning

  5. Is there a summary anywhere? I just got here lol

  6. Yeah bruv scroll down hot amd you’ll see it

  7. In the 10q, which has not yet been released

  8. It’s a load of sausage rolls you uncultured doylems

  9. You don’t need to pay that shit everybody’s getting way too serious in here. Just ignore the letters, I’ve never paid it in my life and they’ll never enforce it.

  10. What’s the @ behind the og sub?

  11. C’mon UBS homeboy unwind those swaps 🤤

  12. I've dealt with the same question and I have decided it's not a competition, you can say whatever the fuck you want. If someone has a problem with it, tell them to get bent.

  13. You’re a good lad aren’t you

  14. Writing’s ont wall, money will be made

  15. 2nd thread like this in a week. It’s ok Simon, everyone thinks you’re good at darts.

  16. Weird how you’ve never once posted or commented in this, or any other stock/finance related sub

  17. Anyone got that contagion i’ll sniff a phat line

  18. An influx of doylems always leads to a run

  19. I’m sold on NFTs, but I still don’t entirely understand the competitive advantages that gamestop’s nft marketplace has over others. I know the IMX tech integration is huge since it lowers gas fees a lot, but otherwise, I need to learn more.

  20. It’s ready and waiting for web3 gaming mass adoption

  21. On a serious note. I know why he is infatuated with Romania because there is opportunity there for him to make money. I can't divulge anymore, but there you go. I suspect the Romanian and EU authorities would now make an example of him, so I wouldn't like to be in his shoes right now. He has lived the life of many, but like a candle that burns twice as bright ....

  22. A candle made of earwax and dogshit maybe

  23. Huge things keep coming to IMX, it’s fantastic that GameStop are partnered with them

  24. I scanned this and it checks out

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