1. If you're stupid, yes. It would be simple to arrive at that conclusion.

  2. Is that a reflection of your intelligence? You cannot say anything meaningful so you just Troll people for no particular reason? I do not have to engage with you, I choose not to.

  3. I am regularly the only person I see masked in public places anymore.

  4. Yep, I rarely see anyone else masked up at the grocery store or while I'm running other errands. It's got me feeling apprehensive going into the fall/winter.

  5. Hm. So what is the best fall soup? I’ll go with large crab bisque

  6. Which oddly enough is not actually a soup. I've always wondered if the writers just mixed it up with gumbo and nobody caught it or if maybe they just thought the word sounded funnier when Newman said it.

  7. Jian Yang was a man ahead of his time.

  8. That's true, Jian-Yang hated T.J. Miller from the start.

  9. This wasn't her child, it was her nephew. Whatever is going on there, it's not "I don't want my child".

  10. Agreed. It's an absolutely monstrous crime. That poor kid.

  11. There's the Moon Knight/Dracula ones, there's "Random bullshit go," and "Let's... Get... This... Bread..." and a bunch more

  12. so another annoying website law forced upon us by EU.

  13. Same. So it's just you and me, then.

  14. Ditto. It seems to be a pretty common fear for kids and while I'm just speculating here, I imagine it's just a normal part of development as we learned to get comfortable with our private emotions and thoughts not always aligning with what we displayed in social settings. And occasionally we'd get confused because we were still too young to be fully aware just how much of our emotional state is being broadcast through subtle body language.

  15. k now run along back to googling “fact check” and spamming the sub with anything that comes up.

  16. Thanks for the advice. Considering I’m the most or close to the most upvoted content submitter for years here, I’ll keep at it.

  17. Oooh tell me more about how many upvotes you have lmao

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