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  1. This is so much like me but im going through it right now :,( It is our last year and I've been wondering if I should tell him after so many years of not talking to each other during the pandemic, I think I will, I don't want to have regrets and I don't think I can bear it. I don't think it's idiotic to go searching for her, if you can reach her I think you definitely should contact her, if you can't, you should try asking around. My heart goes out to you because I know how much it hurts, I feel everyday like I'm at the edge of a cliff and I don't know what to do, what if we never see each other again? So what I'm saying is, try as hard as you can to find her now because at least you know you tried and who knows, maybe years from now you'll be thinking, what if I'd tried back then? What if I'd tried earlier. It hurts so much :( i really think you should try, and I think I'm set on telling him later, i thought maybe if I pretended nothing is wrong it'll go away, but i realize I can't have regrets like that, it'll just keep hurting i think

  2. Man ikr? Love accidentally stumbling upon a shittymorph and this early too. Been blessed

  3. don't give up!! i haven't find one yet either but i think we can make it possible when the right person comes along. there are plenty of us looking for real friends, i think we'll be able to find one some day

  4. Yeah... but idk. I guess I have trust issues about it now. A couple of years ago I met what I thought was a real friend, and well, I had very good times with her and I really thought our friendship would last "forever". But she just got a boyfriend and I got ghosted, it's been like 3 months since I don't receibe any signal of her.

  5. I've felt / sometimes feel the same way! Sometimes it feels like it is us who always remembers and others might forget and move on, but I think without hope there isn't much to do

  6. Yeah, people have been using chopsticks for innumerable amount of years, compared to knives and forks, and for some reasons, the knife and fork are the superior option.

  7. I got pretty offended and mad but once again this sub surprises me with how valid some of my thoughts are :(

  8. This is no real alien! Don't be fooled by him, we would never expose ourselves to humans and willingly interact with them like this on human social platforms. He is a fake!

  9. You fool I was purposely acting this way to throw them off the others! Now you doomed us all!

  10. Have you not read protocol 12 that our King Bal Antilles Bardan Valarp ob'Tozon issued three nerar-risings ago the updated procedure for reacting to these type of questions?

  11. Too late sir I've already got my bargaining chips ready

  12. Saving this post for later movie nights 🦭

  13. The second party looks so cozy :D

  14. BB&B using that 20% off coupon on their own employees…..

  15. I can't. I remember using those years past expiration and they always let us

  16. Your feelings are so valid, being born pretty or ugly or average really does make such a big impact, no matter what people might say ("beauty is from within! personality is most important for me! you just need to be more confident!), it can be a real struggle.

  17. Work out like a madman, run down the street every morning shirtless to show off your gains, she notices, boom

  18. Aw :( Don't feel bad, it's not ridiculous. I know I've cried because of my crush too, and I get that, how he's happy with other people and how it feels to witness that and everything. I hope everything works out for you and if it's not him then I hope you meet someone better who will make you happy.

  19. At this point accept that reddit is largely racist against Asians and that the mods/admins have allowed it. I’m done convincing myself that these whites racists have any decency after countless gaslighting.

  20. Very well put and thank you for this. A whole lotta energy wasted on a whole lota nothing. Better to inform and enlighten asians instead.

  21. This might not apply much here, but I literally just went directly to Asia (motherland country) lol.

  22. This hits right in the feels. I understand that feeling

  23. Sorry to be that guy, but his name is "Mitch White" which suggests he's mixed either with White or Black.

  24. Yes, I don't know how race/ethnicity classifying works (like if it goes with the father), but when I did a quick Google search one of the websites outright said that his race is white, even though he's half Korean. His father is white, maybe that's why, but when I search "is Mitch white Korean"

  25. I recommend you don't do it unless you want to for yourself. I don't know where you heard that but curly hair is very attractive + unique. Also, it's your natural self, so even if you were to, the girl should like you even after your hair goes back to curly again you know? If a girl doesn't like you just because you have curly hair that's an issue lmao

  26. You love us, you won't ever get rid of us 😌

  27. And here I am fuming. I guess it is kind of comical but oh I'm so mad

  28. If you were born a female, identify as a straight woman, and want to be attractive to straight men, then it generally helps if you can be "feminine" with at least one thing and you do that one thing well.

  29. LMFAO absolutely disgusting advice we girls get our butts out there chin up with absolutely no need for at least one fEmiNine thing that you dO weLl and we're attractive as hell without any thought for it. Ladies just be yourself ;(

  30. As a woman, I can’t really speak to Asian men’s dating struggles, so I’ll let the men chime in on this one.

  31. Also a woman, adding on validation here. I've only ever recently discovered that Asian men are considered to have the most dating struggles in the US. Growing up, (also Chinese), I know I would never date someone who isn't Asian and even better if they speak Chinese. I just feel that I connect with Asian guys much much better than any other. And guess what? The only guys I'm attracted to are also just Asian guys. All the white guys people talk about, celebrities, at school, I can see that objectively they are very attractive. But they're a 0 to me besides an average looking Asian guy to me, I just don't feel anything.

  32. I appreciate the comments and the validation :) it's nice reading this perspective, but really a 0 besides an average Asian guy? haha I love it.

  33. Yep, really. For me, connection is so important. “眼缘”. I'm one hundred percent serious and not exaggerating.

  34. There are so so many people I find attractive without being attracted to them, and also for example I find girls attractive but I'm not attracted to them

  35. Ironically if you left the crumbs on your hands they would act as a pseudo chalk which is useful for rock climbing and better grip

  36. Or, if they're stuck at the wrong angle they will hurt more than stepping in legos

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