1. ‘Men are morally inferior to women’ is SUCH a fundie thing though! It’s also very Victorian, see ‘The Angel in the House’. Like, to be reductive, you have ‘the gender that needs protecting’ and ‘the gender that does the violence’ in fundie thought. Anything else is gay and/or Communism.

  2. As an anthropology enthusiast I really like your analysis of “high trust” and “low trust” social institutions but I haven’t come across an official term for it myself. I think if we analyze what institutions are high trust vs low trust we would see that it correlates with the demographics of the participants in that institution and racism and classism. I think a major reason why homeschooling receives no scrutiny or oversight is because it’s perceived as a white, middle class institution. Sexism can play a similar role in who is allowed to make choices with autonomy and who is not - a man can get a vasectomy just by saying he wants one whereas a woman cannot get a tubal ligation without being over a certain age and already having children and being married and her husband’s approval etc etc…

  3. I was actually thinking about, do I prefer to live in a high-trust or low-trust society, and I think one of the things that makes us as homeschoolers vulnerable to abuse is that you almost can’t say ‘I would like there to be more checks on people’s behaviour, and I don’t think we can inherently be trusted.’ Nobody wants to say that so you have this situation where people who are in the same ‘group’ as you especially if you feel you are othered from mainstream society (and yes, I’m drawing a weird parallel between the LGBT community and Pentecostal community)absolutely must be trusted.

  4. I don’t know how Instagram works really but… why does she have a second account? Is it left over from her spinster days and hasn’t been deleted? Showing her face, too- if I was going to have a social media account pretending I was someone I wasn’t, I’d at least make sure it couldn’t be traced back to me. Make an anonymous Tumblr like the rest of us.

  5. I agree with a lot of other mentions, particularly Canticle for Leibowitz. I'd add Cage of Souls, by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

  6. Oh I loved Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time- adding it to the list!

  7. This is not a little win ❤️ celebrate all of your successes with the full enthusiasm and credit you deserve! You are taking big steps of your choice to change your life and take it in a direction you want. Congratulations and best wishes in the pathway program and University when you get there! 😁

  8. Yeah! It’s racist misinformation taught by your teenage daughter to your other six kids, when she doesn’t understand the material herself because her formal education essentially stopped at age thirteen or fourteen. Ask me how I know!

  9. A friend of mine when I was in an extremely Christian org was preparing to get married so she was researching a bunch of Christian advice for the first night. There was some weird stuff but my personal favorite was the advice to stop and sing a worship sing after he first enters her 💀

  10. I actually have read an 18th-century Advice to Husbands which suggests reciting a poem or the Song of Songs to your wife on the first time- also that you may have to explain what’s going on. It’s rather sweet, in a patriarchal kind of way.

  11. Something else to keep in mind as well is that most homeschooled kids are brainwashed, brainwashed in the sense that they don't know how bad they actually have it. So from my experience homeschoolers think that they have a good social life and everything is fine when in reality it was horrible. Because this is how i used to think since my parents and im sure all your guy's parents did the same, my parents would always say that my life is amazing and I'm not lonely whenever i would tell them i was feeling shitty. They gaslight and make me feel guilty for thinking that my life is shit and was set up for failure.

  12. I thought I was introverted- I’m not! I really like being around people! I just didn’t have any social skills

  13. The liberal reading of Genesis 3:16 is that Adam desires the patriarchy because of the Fall. People were created in and with equal dignity, and sin makes them want to rule over each other.

  14. Which podcast? I’m actively looking for progressive/left wing Christian voices atm

  15. I love these puppets! There’s a sense of terror and they still move like a brain ‘would’- I’d love t see how they were made

  16. We had a couple of girls who saved their first kiss for the altar, and there was this huge deal made about it- how they were coming ‘completely new’ to the union. I still haven’t had my first kiss, but having it in front of all my friends and family sounds dreadful.

  17. More of this please; I’ve sort of become interested in thinking about the ‘niche’ cultural differences of a fleshed-out fictional world — or actual cultural differences in the real world (I’m talking about all of this with a light-hearted tone, alright?), which I would really like to see more of.

  18. I have a minor one: because ‘pawnbroker’ was originally not considered a legitimate profession a space colony would need, most tailors will also buy and sell jewellery on the quiet (they’ve also gone from a high-tech to a low-tech world, so fabric is a lot more valuable than it used to be). It also tends to be a secondary career that you go into if you were never great at reading and writing but are now too old for mining or terraforming, so tailors tend to be huge buff men in their forties. They’re also not gonna ask questions about where your bolt of cloth or dress came from, if you maybe stole from the dead… to the extent where historical fiction set on Earth unilaterally assumes tailoring is a polite way of saying ‘organised crime’.

  19. 100% someone is going to read A Stitch In Time, know that it’s SF but not know Star Trek or who the Cardassians are supposed to represent, and come to the conclusion that Garak was trying to break away from his sinister past as a tailor to become a useful agent of the State :)

  20. I am looking for dramas featuring older women in particular- I really don’t like the ingenue trope in female leads, she can be young she just can’t be having a concussion between each scene. I am not interested in romance. I would also be interested in spy dramas, intrigue, or science fiction.

  21. i’m not sure if you like historical dramas but i enjoyed

  22. I loved Imperial Coroner! I haven’t seen the rest of these, but I will add them to my list- I’ve heard good things about Marvellous Women.

  23. Don’t hate me but I love #7. Something I’d never put on my own body, but damn is it fun and froofy!

  24. I really like 4 and 5, but then again I still have almost all my fundie clothes so I’m not the best judge (typing this in a calf length brown dress I made myself)

  25. Graphically describing anal gangbang porn to teenagers (in the context of ‘this is why you shouldn’t look at porn’). I was thirteen or fourteen and terrified my mother would find out there was a kissing scene in one of my Tamora Pierce books

  26. Increasing every year- the one-two combo of eugenics and medical technology/knowledge getting steadily worse means nearly everyone has at least one sibling who didn’t make it to adulthood. For their grandparents and great grandparents, this would have been a weird, horrible tragedy.

  27. Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. No real changes to the time-line, but the characters are great, and it's a hoot.

  28. Haha I… actually have this in front of me… I keep wondering what Stephenson’s thoughts on modern crypto (that he essentially predicted) are.

  29. The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson. What would happen if the plague actually totally wiped out Europe.

  30. Oh I’ve read this! I liked it, amd I thought it was a really good premise!

  31. I love how everyone is tearing that shitty meme apart in the comments.

  32. I’m an ex homeschooler and I am just now learning it! I’m 24! This is grade nine!

  33. A and E. I don't think evangelicalism generally quite fits the description of a cult, though it can have some of those characteristics. My experience wasn't culty at all, it was just theologically shallow.

  34. I dithered over mine (evangelicalism is a cult) is on the basis that cults are usually not mainstream- but evangelicals usually either are, or are trying very hard to become, part of mainstream culture.

  35. Wendy Shalit and explicit fan fiction. My mother gave me a book on ‘your changing body’ about a year too late, haha.

  36. Re-wiring your brain not to judge someone is going to take some time, OP, so be patient with yourself. Good for you for trying!

  37. Thank you! I’m pretty new to the secular world (I left my parents’ house last week!) but the thing is it’s so much easier to revert to teenagerish thought patterns- it doesn’t take effort to silently judge someone, and I am/was good at it! It’s much harder to think, ‘wait, why am I thinking this?’

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