1. Those PSUs can be a bit difficult to recap. I was gonna say in the US there’s a guy who has a recapping service for a good price. You may be able to find someone in the EU though


  3. Unfortunately no. I believe that is all one assembly, and the power button is paired to the logic board

  4. I’ve washed and dried my AirPods on a full cycle at least a half dozen times and they still work just as they did out of the box.

  5. My air pod pros did not have the same fate. They were fried after going through the wash. Just made strange noises lol

  6. It’s probably the smell of old soda lol. If it’s coming from the areas where soda entered, that would explain it. I would start budgeting for a new iPad…this one may last years, months, or days. Hard to know with liquid damage. Be sure it’s backed up as well

  7. After weeks of work, help from friends, and a weekend sprint, the G4 Cube has a restored power supply, new thermal paste, a SSD, a new video card and cooling fan (thanks to Dave) and more RAM (thanks Garth). #marchintosh

  8. I bought an original power supply that was untested - because the cord was cut. I tested it with a multimeter and found the correct voltages. I then purchased the connector, a PDP-40, and shielded four conductor wire. Fortunately, it worked. The alternative would have been a cheap Chinese 28v, 7.1amp, 200watt power supply as a replacement.

  9. Ah. I thought you recapped it or something. They seem really difficult to open without breaking!

  10. Let it grow for a few more months and you’ll have twins!

  11. If you have a MacBook, plug it into that. Leave it overnight to charge. If it’s still not working, throw it in DFU mode and restore

  12. GTX 980 checking in. I’m the 3rd owner. It’s been liquid cooled, poorly reassembled, and then I tore it down and repasted it and installed new thermal pads. What a beast. Still great for beam ng

  13. At least he didn’t push it to the limit

  14. The fan is the only good part of that pile of garbage. Completely ruined. Stuff like that should just be recycled

  15. What country is your depot located? Czech?

  16. No I’m in the US. Ours is in Texas. CSat solutions is who runs it. Look up the video Louis Rossmann did about them. It’s a sweatshop…

  17. I read a thread about that company on Reddit. Horrible.

  18. Yeah. I’d hate to think someone spent $800 for an out of warranty board repair. Or $400-600 for a screen and get this result. Hell, if my top case had been any worse than this, I probably would have regretted not just ungluing the battery and replacing it myself with an ifixit part.

  19. Yeah I’ve run into the same thing. Really crappy system that ends up discouraging people from disposing of them safely. I got charged $36 to dispose of a medium-size box of batteries. Could have thrown them at stop signs for free 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. M1 air can run windows in vm which is fine unless you want to game (which isn’t great on macs anyway). 2018 MacBook pros have the crappy butterfly keyboard…wouldn’t recommend unless you’re extremely ocd and clean the keyboard all the time to keep it from failing.

  21. How much would you pay for a damaged screen?

  22. Woosh is great for phone screens but NOT for modern MacBook screens. Use a damp cloth. Do this multiple times and a dry cloth to buff dry. Should be able to get rid of the woosh that’s smearing on the display

  23. I’d go ahead and replace it. I have a mid 2012 retina MacBook Pro and used the ifixit battery. Didn’t have to tear down entire machine, just used isopropyl alcohol (99%) and a credit card.

  24. Thanks for highlighting since I can’t read

  25. Common issue and I often see exactly that explanation. Seems like apple is either making fragile displays, or short flex cables again.

  26. The ribbon cables are razor thin. I clean mine on my 2019 16” as

  27. Check battery health with coconut battery. Also think about the value and whether you want to sink money in coverage you may or may not use. Battery replacement is $250, so it may be worth it if your battery is close to 80% capacity remaining, which is the threshold apple uses for replacing the battery under AppleCare or warranty

  28. I transferred all of my money to the local homeless guy

  29. The OG pillows. Atleast for me. First device I heard about where it was happening a lot

  30. You can find some browsers that improve Windows XP’s ability to browse the web. Do note that it’s been 9 years since Windows XP support ended, so it will not be secure at all on the net haha. Cool machine though! With a tuneup or fresh install of XP and a cleaning, could be a neat retro gaming machine

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