1. Die Tatsache, dass man einen höheren Eintrittspreis zahlen muss als in einigen cooleren Münchner Clubs (Neuraum in München kostet 10€, während man für die Kantine 8€ und für das Kesselhaus 17€ zahlen kann)...

  2. Please as much as I want zjsl 2 and 3 don't be delusional and STOP WITH THIS MADNESS, IT'S NEVER HAPPENING.

  3. Not sure how they are getting away with labeling it gluten free when it contains barley??? Unless there is a form of barley that doesn’t contain gluten???

  4. In Europe glutenfree beers are like that, with processed barley, they are safe tho

  5. Maybe he means there hasn’t been a good one in that time

  6. Be careful getting your hopes up though! Glee also changed its banner but it’s for Halloween, not a new season. But I really hope Scream Queens has another chance

  7. But Glee is an ended show whereas SQ is a cancelled show

  8. It just arrived recently to Spain after us spanish people asking for it, so maybe now that is worldwide avaliable at Star section of Disney+...

  9. ryan murphy already confirmed a season three like in may of this or last year

  10. Liz isn't interested so I doubt it will be revived

  11. Yes. But they shouldn’t have introduced the missing plane storyline and Amanda ex storyline in the second to last episode. Introducing both of those storyline so late added nothing to the season and took away screen time that could have gone to Steven and his reunion.

  12. I guess the only episode written with the cancelation in mind was 5x22

  13. Michelle Ma Belle!!!!!! Even with bad writing and off the rack couture from Sesame Street you still outshined Whacklexis and No Neck Cristal 3.0 Represent for us Virgos.

  14. Didn't in season 6 say the gene comes from Alice? Or am I allucinating?

  15. Dynasty, a great show gone in the wrong hands...

  16. I'll hate Jabba Josh and Devil Israel forever for what they've made to the show... it could've been soo good

  17. I don't know... too many characters to be saved for the finale

  18. So I guess Fallon and Liam’s baby birth will happen in series finale. I guess Steven will show up for that.

  19. Wow. So David really did push Steven's return to the series finale.

  20. They can't left everything for the finale... steven, ben,...

  21. Ugh! I saw a bug post on EA about it, but only 6 people so far have said "me too". Hopefully it gains some traction.

  22. Update: my cousin it's playing with my computer and it's working for him, we're using the same high school lot (from the gallery), i'll try and rebuild the lot

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