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  1. I’m so confused what’s going on with Boombringer? This is the second post I saw about this and I have no idea what’s happening

  2. Basically, someone said a word that is offensive to the LGBT community, and BoomBringer agreed with someone who said “it’s on the same level as calling someone a fucking idiot” when it’s clearly not

  3. Or really, War Machine doing anything. Like, anything at all. Because he does nothing. We see him do nothing.

  4. He survived Infinity War only to punch 2014 Quill one time.

  5. He also saved Rocket’s life after the compound was destroyed, but yeah he definitely deserved a moment to shine in the final battle.

  6. I think it’s not an exaggeration to say that I am the greatest man in the world

  7. Gill grunt, gill grunt series 2, gill grunt series 3, gill grunt series 4, and tidal wave gill grunt

  8. So does this mean Sue was in the bottom 2? Or do you pick a randomly celebrity to be the other person

  9. They killed 2 big characters in the same movie. I'm sure they thought about it.

  10. is there a way to tell if figures are Light FX prior to putting them on the base? I've never touched that line of figures but I'm looking to get my hands on some

  11. If they have a black part between the stylised base and the disc that holds the NFC card, like in this photo

  12. Weird as in constantly shoving a camera in his young children’s faces for most of their lives and then uploading the videos for the entire world to see

  13. Didn’t he say in a video that the only reason he did youtube was because Mike wanted to do videos

  14. I don’t think that was the reason, I heard that it was to try and gain fame to boost his rap career

  15. Yes you should buy it, Trap Team for PS4 is worth like £50 alone, and on top of that you get Knight Mare and a dark trap

  16. Assuming it’s the one where Spyro takes a pic of his ass

  17. I wouldn’t buy that if I were you, it’s likely they’ll just send a normal scorp

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