1. I've got both the problem with Avengers is no shared experience for leveling up so you can play as a favorite and they're level 100 while others are still level 1 so your team can be very lopsided. Also unlike Ultimate Alliance in the past you can't swap characters during a mission so only the one you're playing gains experience.

  2. Probably has special features to use it during the Sabbath without the person "working". Even pushing buttons is considered work that's why some buildings have the elevators stop on every floor during the Sabbath so no one has to press anything.

  3. Sounds like someone got busted for trying to secretly whip it out.

  4. Don't forget "oh no, oh no, oh no, no, no..."

  5. Yeah but that's in conjunction with TikTok and not on its own. That's from Remember(walking in the sand) 1964 by the Shangri-las, and it was fine until TikTok ruined it.

  6. No, Top is certainly different from Hot especially in porn.

  7. PS5 and GOW Ragnarok and I've already got that so I'm good.

  8. On his website says it's officially out of print after 3 years of self publishing

  9. It's the Crayon brand stylus pen. Not an iPad. You have to click the promo icon when the item is scanned to see what's actually a part of the promo.

  10. Craigslist gig section. See if you can post around your school, bring guitar to school and play, it will attract others.

  11. That was from a house growing weed and using heat lamps in the winter.

  12. Just say "good day to youse" then turn around and leave them forever.

  13. How is that white privilege? The nutcracker figurine was created in Sonneberg and Ezerberge regions of eastern Germany in the early 19th century, then commercially in 1872 by Wilhelm Fuchtner.

  14. When did they make the first PoC nutcracker? I honestly don’t know

  15. Me neither I've been seeing at least 1 for a few years though.

  16. If there's a trial we need an expert in Bird Law to deal with those eggs.

  17. And many countries have an Independence day because of Britain so that sounds like a success.

  18. My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them

  19. At least give credit to Mitch Hedberg like you should.

  20. Paper has almost no nutritional value, but it's not particularly dangerous to eat. So it's not a valid food source.

  21. It's not white privilege if no one ever makes a complaint against them.

  22. Used to have this problem, I'd call out twice on the walkie no answer, call the TL if they can't help then I'd call once more and mention compliance. No response or help I just go fuck em, you get in trouble for compliance not management. Also make sure to turn your walkie off to ignore their pleas for help.

  23. What do you mean by ‘compliance’? I’m new and don’t know what that means in this context.

  24. For example in Florida from the time I clock in I have to take a 30 minute meal break before I hit 6 hours, if I don't I'm in "compliance" which basically means I've violated an actual state law(different states have different lengths of time) and corporate will put the blame on me regardless of if they can or can't provide coverage for my break. If it happens once they'll just talk to you, repeatedly it can be a write up, and then possibly a fireable offense. Never let it get that bad. Like twice in 8 years.

  25. Good story, great action nothing wrong with that.

  26. Should be able to find used copies for real cheap

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