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  1. We call them " Hindi " in Tunisia

  2. Just ignore them, if you respond you'll give them the attention they were looking for. Let those dogs bark

  3. Does it ever come to your mind when reflecting on your life that you would rather die young and not live to get old because your body won't be the same (not looks wise but functionality wise) and you'll get some inevitable diseases and body weaknesses that are gonna limit you from enjoying your life like you once did. Or is it only me that thinks like this ?

  4. What was it ? It's removed now unfortunately

  5. I'd be completely paralyzed and unable to respond because I would assume it's a prank. Girls are never interested in me and if one shows interest, that would be suspicious behavior to me.

  6. Yeah me too. Like it doesn't feel real so my brain stops working

  7. Personally I had a week ( 7 days ) without talking only texting on Discord was my mean of communication in that period. And that was because I didn't have any university friends (well i still don't) and everything was online so i didn't have to contact anyone. The streak was broken when I had to go out to buy food.

  8. Wimbledon Djokovic - Jabeur

  9. Mak 3al a9al rak habbet l exercise.

  10. It depends where in Europe. I don't know if the EU has a common law for this or no but what I am sure of is that I some countries you have the right to use your license for one year and then you have to obtain a European 🇪🇺 license.

  11. I think he meant that they like that style but can't help it in some situations but to tuck it behind the ear. So the behind the ear thing is not part of the style

  12. "No longer attractive to you" is not the same as "ruined". I've had two kids. My body still does everything it needs to and I'm quite content living in it.

  13. It's not only about the looks i think he meant. There are other things that are "ruined" or not the same as before but in a bad way internally (biologically speaking)

  14. That's harder, and really has nothing to do with the country you're in.

  15. Well in Germany for example it does have something to do with the country and the culture. It's much harder to make friends (even for the germans themselves)

  16. I'll say smashing will be easier

  17. Let's see what she gonna do against Ons

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