1. Here's the caveat: the US tends to respond, but not necessarily against the provocateur. It's quite possible they would invade a neighboring country instead.

  2. It'd be quite funny to invade Belarus right now and see what Putin does about it

  3. Connor's mom wasn't crazy, Logan just hired such good lawyers in the divorce that they had her institutionalized

  4. Everytime I grow basil indoors this happens. I think it's thrips. None of my other indoor plants ever have this problem

  5. This is such a circular take. Despite Zelensky's comments back in April, the general consensus within the Washington/think-tank sphere has been CO must be delayed until they get f16's/more artillery, the former being pushed as a counter to the air-launched missile strikes such as the recent attack.

  6. RemindMe! three months “reply to this thread”

  7. "Now let the song begin! Let us sing together Of sun, stars, moon and mist, rain and cloudy weather"

  8. Wow woulda never thought to bonsai a plant like this! Very cool

  9. I have a plant like this too. Heavy, high up and with vines gently attached to climbing hooks along the wall. I just use a watering can and never move the pot itself

  10. I always assumed there was more than meet the eye here.... Like Tom casually unmaking and recreating the ring rather than simple sleight of hand

  11. However did you achieve that wonderful effect? Is that just a ton of glaze or some additional magic

  12. Just a heads up that jade plants and elephant bush are different. Portulacaria Afra, commonly known as Elephant Bush, are often mistaken for Crassula Ovata 'Jade Plants' because they resemble each other in a lot of ways. Although Elephant Bush closely resemble Jade Plants in appearance, they are not at all related.

  13. Its a good jacket. I wear it in NYC during the transitional seasons like autumn and March.. it's not quite warm enough for February in NYC though

  14. Oh ho! Off to the theater we go,

  15. Who married them, and who was invited to the ceremony? Probaby some simple local village folk who came for the food and the good time.

  16. Old Tom Bombadil had a merry wedding,

  17. Hey! Come merry dol! derry dol! and merry-o!

  18. I’m not sure Tom and Goldberry are sexual beings

  19. Yeah I'm pretty sure they close the bedroom's door and just dance around water-lilies while singing all night

  20. Name a healthier marriage. I'll wait

  21. Just to build on your point, I think it's important symbolically that Tony doesn't get to see it coming at all. Even Bobby, who uttered that line has a second where he's face to face with his killers and can process what's happening. Tony will never understand the consequences of his actions or how they affect others.

  22. Hey dol! Merry dol! Ring a dong dillo

  23. Aw, I like how OMW and the Barrow Wight are putting aside their differences with Ol' Tom so they can have a fine movie night together.

  24. Oh ho, Old Man Willow and Barrow Wight

  25. I like the moss and planting angle

  26. This is glorious indeed and if it's your work OP, well done!

  27. Thank you. This one is 0% AI. Just channeling the Tom within.

  28. First age Sauron knew…chanting songs of wizardry and whatnot. Later he was all about the bling

  29. You see, some folks, they love their gold,

  30. This plant was trunk chopped 20 months ago. I am torn between leaving as broom style but lowering the canopy or restyling as informal upright. Thoughts and critique are welcomed.

  31. The nebari is definitely the star of the show right now. I think the canopy needs work to create more visual interest. You're on the right path

  32. I'm a fan of #4. I always got the sense that once upon a time, Tom was the Gandalf of an earlier era and instead of going west he stuck around Middle Earth.

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